Friday, March 03, 2006

Mirror, Mirror.

I'm The Boss: I had a hairdresser that used to insist I was a young Alyssa Milano. "Right there. You have her mouth and eyes!" Well evidently I didn't end up with her tits. I'm no fool. I understand this was his way of making me feel good so that I would tip him well. It fucking worked too. Because let's face it, a woman's vanity needs constant stroking.

The point is, all my life I've been told I look like someone. Even when I didn't agree, it was always someone I could be flattered by. Isn't that the nature of these kind of things? No one tells you that you look like someone ugly. "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Shrek?" "You remind me of a cross between Weird Al Yankovic and Pee-wee Herman." Yeah, it just doesn't happen.

Calling Dr. Tink: As I crossed the courtyard on my way out of math, I could hear the clicking of heels gaining from behind. I turned back to see my teacher, smiling broadly as she passed me. "You look just like that Grey's Anatomy girl." I hadn't really expected to talk to anyone last night, so unfortunately she caught me with my screensaver on. I think I stuttered out some response like, "Oh? Great show. I'm totally addicted." Clever girl. I walked toward my car, assuming she'd been referring to Izzie. Izzie, gorgeous blonde with the perfect teeth and Cupid bow lips who (might I add) I look nothing like. It didn't hit me until I was halfway home.

I related the story to Hoop, who didn't quite understand my distress over the situation.

Tink: Tell me I don't look like Meredith.
Hoop: Meredith is the star right? Who's that chick who's doing that guy who was screwing around on her with that girl?
Tink: That's Izzie.
Hoop: Well you don't look anything like her.
Tink: *Frowns* So I look like Meredith?
Hoop: *Squints* A little bit, yeah.
Tink: Do I look like Meredith when the show first started, or how she looks now? Because she's really frumpy right now and I don't want to look like her. Although she has a naturally brooding face anyway and I tend to smile a lot.
Hoop: Um...Whichever answer is the right answer.

I'll try to post some comparison pictures for you later.

Who do people say you look like?

Hopefully it's not any of these off of
Olympic Trans, one of the craziest photo sites I've ever seen.

Have a great weekend all! Look for more "Doses of Tink" on Monday.


At 03 March, 2006, Blogger Arabella said...

I see the Alyssa Milano resemblance. :)

At 03 March, 2006, Blogger mama_tulip said...

I do, too.

People have likened me to Lisa Loeb and Drew Barrymore. I don't see it.

Have a good weekend. :)

At 03 March, 2006, Anonymous TB said...

Well you definitely don't look like those last two pictures ;oP
I'll need to see some photos to decide for sure about Gray's or Milano.

I don't look like anyone famous. Mama T. I can definitely see the Lisa Loeb thing.

At 03 March, 2006, Blogger geenalyn said...

when i was younger and my hair was long i was always told i looked like Shannon Doherty

At 03 March, 2006, Blogger Chris said...

Need pictures for comparison!

Smart man, that Hoop.

At 03 March, 2006, Blogger Foo said...

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like Shrek?"

[blink] Um... no. And I don't understand why not.

I can see the Alyssa Milano (not a bad) thing.

My wife keeps telling me I look like this old guy with bad acne scars. Oh, right. That's me.

Someone once told me I look like Bono, but I just dropped some change in his cup and said, "Uh... thanks."

At 03 March, 2006, Blogger The Gradual Gardener said...

People used to tell me I looked like my second cousin. I'm afraid that's as exciting as it got for me!

At 03 March, 2006, Blogger R. Robyn said...

When I was a blonde....I heard Helen Hunt quite a bit, but now that my hairs a little darker I am told I look like Joan Cucsack. And supposedly I don't just look like her, I act like her. Joey agrees with this. I told him to take it back because my face was way prettier than hers, and he said "I meant you look like her but prettier." Accepted.

At 03 March, 2006, Blogger Jay said...

One should always be careful when comparing a woman to someone famous. I once told a girl she looked like Sandra Bullock. She got really pissed off.

I thought Sandra Bullock was awesome.

At 03 March, 2006, Blogger Mignon said...

Don't DO that EVER AGAIN. Witty post, funny as your usual self, talking about the love of my life (if a tv show were a person I would marry Gray's Anatomy), and then you throw THAT WEIRD ASS MotherF*ing Sh* at me, and before my scrolling-down hand can fly to cover my eyes in horror, I'm scarred for freakin' life!
(Alyssa Milano yes - and she's totally rockin that short hair cut. I love it. Meredith Gray with the pursy lips and constant squint - no. That's not you at all.)

At 04 March, 2006, Blogger Cheryl said...

Tink: Foo has directed me to your web site. He loves your sense of humor...and so do I.

As far as the similiarities...I guess I see some. But IMHO, you look like you...very attractive...happy go lucky...YOU!

I myself don't look like anyone famous. Just infamous me. :) Sounds like something Meredith Gray would say. Hm. I've been watching the show too much, perhaps. Nah.

At 04 March, 2006, Blogger Foo said...

I'm really going to have to get my glasses checked. I was reading mignon's comment: "Meredith Gray with the..."


Oh. Pursy lips.

Heart rate returning to normal.

Oh, and turtle looks like Meg Ryan used to look back when she was perky and adorable.

At 04 March, 2006, Blogger EE said...

Oh see, I can see a resemblence to Alyssa!

Katherine- I totally can see the Drew Barrymore thing w/ you (which makes it comical seeing how you don't like her, lmao)

Let's see Katherine told me last summer that I resembled Felicity Hoffman. Husband thinks I look quite a bit like Heather Lockleare. One of my good friends has always said I reminded her of Phoebe from Friends...but I think she meant more personality wise, lol......

At 04 March, 2006, Blogger Iamadesigner said...

My grandmother once told me I look like Michael Jackson. I think it had something to do with my hair that day. I wish she had kept that to herself.

At 05 March, 2006, Blogger Carrie said...

WTF are those freaky ass pictures?? OMG I nearly pissed myself.

I can see the Milano resemblance. :)

Ever since those damned Aerosmith videos came out in the early 90s (?) I've been told I look like Alicia Silverstone.

At 08 March, 2006, Blogger Ditsy Chick said...

I am never, ever, ever going to refer to my husband as the love monkey, again *places hand on heart*.


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