Thursday, December 08, 2005


Why do men see the Christmas holiday as their go-ahead to buy themselves the most expensive toys they possibly can? Two months before people start stringing their lights, I'm carefully planning and budgeting my Christmas gift list. As a practicing singleton, the budgeting part always seems to be the hardest part. I've gone so far as to forgo food for Christ sake! Meanwhile Hoop, my other half, is trying to figure out how he can buy 10 people presents with a $150 allowance so he can get that XBox360 he's been eye-balling for the last week. It's killing my Christmas spirit!

Speaking of Christmas spirit... I feel like someone's miniature poodle. Wow, that didn't sound quite so bizarre in my head. You know those teacup dogs that little old ladies dress up in horrid little outfits for the holidays? I'm going to start a campaign for them. One of the office biddies passed out decorative headbands today for our holiday office party. I looked into the bag with horror as bobble head Santas and Snowmen stared up at me with their beady little eyes. I finally decided on a set of felt candy canes. They stood about 6 inches off my head and wobbled around at every little move. And just when I thought it couldn't get worse... Oh God, someone brought a camera. If you all are really nice I might just post the pictures.

By "nice" I mean begging and the appropriate ass kissing.

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