Friday, December 09, 2005

Tis the season...

...for holiday madness. I went Christmas shopping today. I've come to these three conclusions:

1. Wal-mart is run by the devil.
2. Never get in the middle of women who've spotted the bargain bin at Ross.
3. Whatever you plan on spending on the holiday, triple it to save yourself the mourn session when you get your bank/credit card statement later.

When I came home tonight, bags in hand (and along my arms and across my back), I looked around the house and wondered where I'd stash it all. I decided on a nice secluded nook at the back of my closet. While I was there, I discovered a multitude of old treasures I'd long ago forgotten about. Coincidently enough, among the stash was a book titled "Living On A Shoe String." Huh. I promptly threw it out to make room for all that pricey loot I can't possibly afford.

Happy Holidays all! Hope you somehow manage to avoid the madness.



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