Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekly Words Challenge 71!

The "words" for this week were G and On This Day.

How did you interpret them?

Laughing God

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Good Girl

On This Day (02/05)

There might have been snow...


Bento for Hoop (02/10)

Bento for Tink (02/06)

(Other Random Photos)

That's the money you could have been saving with Geico.

If you haven't joined the fun yet, go
here for details. We also have a Flickr group for easy shareability. Not only do you get to add "Lowly Foon" to your resume, but you get to find out the new words at least an hour earlier. Happy snapping!

The words for next week are:
Z (Ooo, toughie!)

Daily Etsy Pick:
"Sunset Dandelion" Print
Men's Vintage Leather Shaving Kit
Custom Robot Metal Wall Art

WTF Etsy?:
Hot Pink "Fabulous" Leggings (My God this girl is awkward.)
Pull Toy Chicken
"Eat Your Popsicles Kids" Drawing
"Spork-tastic" Bag

Somewhere In Between:
"Turn Down The Suck" Ring

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At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Jay said...

The snow pic is just amazing! That's awesome Tink!

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Gary's third pottery blog said...

I'm in with my pics for WWC!
Good girl, yeah RIGHT!
This whole bento thing makes me wonder if you and Hoop should open a little business. I mean, is that gorgeous and TASTY or what? Me and Jay are coming over to join you for lunch today.

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Janet said...

frost on the window in FL! Say it ain't so!

I puffy pink heart your bentos :-)

Man that dandelion shot on Etsy is something, isn't it?!

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger mrspao said...

Nice photos :) I played this week - even had to go into a library!!!


At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Aunt Jackie said...

I agree with Jay, I think the snow pic is cool! I love the god and also the 'good girl' though, genius!!!

But this is TINK we're talkin bout!

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger jean said...

Not that I don't enjoy the rest of your post, but the "WTF Etsy" just kills me. Those Leggings are a fashion must for me this season. Snort.

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Johnny Smoke said...

$160 smackers for that Chicken toy. I must have it.

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Karen said...

Frost on the window? In Florida? Good job getting that shot!

Your Bentos are so cute. My hubby would be jealous. I can not show him or he would be thinking I might make some! As if.

I finally played again this week. Woo Hoo me!

Now I'm off to buy me some hot pink leggings! Later Homebloys!

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Mary said...

Love the pictures, you good girl.

I'd like to say I've been having some AWESOME word verification words lately. For you today it's anizzle. I'm not sure what that could stand for....

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Reb said...

Well done...lol "there might have been snow"

That "Sunset Dandelion" Print is wonderful.

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger MamaMaven said...

They are all awesome!! Well done Tink. The money is funny!

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger g-man said...

OOps my lovely wife was still signed in MamaMaven was me :)

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Johnny Smoke said...

Tink, as usual - great pics.

Thought I'd play this week.


See ya!

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Chris said...

I hope you invite me to your first photography show. :)

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger HalfAsstic.com said...

HAHAHA! I still like the Geico Gecko better! ;-)

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Great Bentos! And, healthy too! Aren't you/y'all just adorable!!

Okay. Z and Adorable, Z and Adorable...Wait.

Z and Abandoned; Z and Abandoned. I'm gonna' play again [finally] I promise. And, a promise is a promise unless you have two fingers x behind your back...


At 10 February, 2009, Blogger mamatulip said...

I love the snow picture. It's exquisite; an amazing shot.

The Bentos are really cool. :)

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Chelle Y. said...

I like that last picture.

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger Hilary said...

I loving those Bento boxed lunches. You sure do get creative with them and they look very appetizing. Great photos as always. Gotta love that frosty shot.

At 10 February, 2009, Blogger flutter said...

your bentos rock, you are SUCH a good wife!

At 11 February, 2009, Blogger Dianne said...

the snowflake looks like a caterpillar!

laughing god is wonderful

they all are!

good girl gave me a chill

At 11 February, 2009, Blogger Tawcan said...

Mine are up. :D

At 11 February, 2009, Blogger Gin said...

Great shots!! Love the Money w/Eyes!!

I had the Tuesday from hell (busy) and haven't had time to edit my photos, let alone post them. I'll get 'em up today maybe!!

At 11 February, 2009, Blogger Gin said...

Mine are up!

At 11 February, 2009, Blogger Mignon said...

That little chunk of frost looks like a running man.

At 11 February, 2009, Blogger Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm lovin' your pics!

That pull toy chicken is crackin' my shit up!

At 11 February, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super Snow Shot! (sorry, so snappy)

As for WWC this week, I failed... I'll try to make it up to you next week.
My dh is taking a week off from work right now and already he is driving me CRAZY. Heaven forbid he should walk by and see me on the computer. Sheesh.

At 12 February, 2009, Blogger fiwa said...

Great pictures. You two boogers are just way too creative with your bento boxes. Thanks for drinking... eh, keeping an eye on all the beer for me.

Love you!

At 12 February, 2009, Blogger Knight said...

Tink, can I pay you to make my lunch for me?

At 12 February, 2009, Blogger Foo said...

Oh man... I need to round up one of those (fake) money stacks with eyes to set on my buddy Vinh's desk. The guy laughs often and freely and would probably have a conniption if he came in and found that staring at him.

I'd have the EMT's standing by, of course.

WV: mulant. A variant of mutant whose crossbar has evolved up and slightly to the left.

At 12 February, 2009, Blogger Foo said...

...but only in "courier new". [*kof*]

WV: "laybo". When she lost her sheep, she had to resort to turning tricks.

At 13 February, 2009, Blogger Woman in a Window said...

Being good IS a mouth full!


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