Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Not Drinking Pee

If you haven't read yesterday's post, please do so before reading further.

Here are the stats:

Eight of you voted for the same four I did-
1. A male carpenter, 25 years old
2. A male biologist, 50 years old
3. A pregnant college student, 28 years old
4. A female child, 6 years old

Seven of you voted for the physician instead of the biologist.

Four people voted for the four youngest.

One person chose to keep all the girls.

One person kept only guys.

One person suggested eating other people.

Three of you suggested they just drink pee.

Three people killed the pregnant chick.

Six people killed the kid.

Six of you are sick bastards. (I'm just sayin'.)

And eight people wimped out and didn't pick at all.

Thanks for answering, guys. That was really fun!

In Other News:
Have you seen this?




At 28 August, 2008, Blogger Mary said...


Thinking happy thoughts for Florida and other states that might get hit.

At 28 August, 2008, Blogger Mary said...

ps you are welcome to spend the rest of hurricane season in Oregon. It's all mellow and nice and happy. We do get rain, but not an inch an hour....

At 28 August, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

Hey, our tornado season is pretty much over and the snow doesn't start (usually) until late November, if you want to drop by for a few months.

At 28 August, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to be clear. I totally forgot about the 6 year old. I change my vote to the 6 YO and nuke the doctor.

I'll be impressed when they name a hurricane Tink.


At 28 August, 2008, Blogger Tink said...

Hey, maybe Hoop and I should sell the house, by a camper, and just travel around. If we strategize, we could avoid all bad weather entirely.

Speaking of strategizing, I would like to add that I'm not really criticizing anyone who killed off the kid. It is, after all, a strategy exercise. :)

P.S. Knot, I didn't count you in the six. Btw, can we petition for a hurricane Tink? That would be awesome! I'd be the scariest hurricane ever. Rar.

At 28 August, 2008, Blogger LL said...

It pert near froze here the last couple of nights... I'll trade you weather patterns for a few days if you'd like.

And yes... I wimped out, but until you're faced with such a decision, you don't need to make it! :P

At 28 August, 2008, Blogger Jay said...

I think a lot of people ignored the part where you said all of us homebloys here at Chez Tink would survive too.

There are many women of child-baring age here and plenty of men will to make sure that happens. So, the idea of saving the preggo chick and the little kid just to repopulate doesn't make sense to me.

Besides kids are a total drag man. LOL ;-)

We did this exercise in one of my college classes. It turned into a HUGE fight. It was actually pretty hilarious to me, but some people stayed mad for like a week afterwards.

At 28 August, 2008, Blogger fiwa said...

Remember that movie The Day After? That's what this reminded me of.

I know - I'm watching the hurricanes hoping they don't hit Jamaica (meeting next year), Florida - you, or Houston area - my family. They've really ramped up haven't they?

At 28 August, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd kick myself out. I am unable to have any more kids and I've lived life. But that is the only person I could kick out. And I can't even do that, because I'm in Tink's shelter!!

I'm gonna move back to Washington State. Because really, wouldn't you rather be dealing with a volcano?

At 28 August, 2008, Blogger Tawcan said...

The forecast is calling snow in the mountain this labour day weekend! Snow in August! Can you believe that?

At 28 August, 2008, Blogger Reb said...

Oh, if you feel that strongly about it, I will keep the 6 yr old, she can babysit the newborns. Of course that means booting the 18 yrs old female. I stand by keeping the Dr & Biologist though, you need the knowledge. But really there is no need to kick anyone out.

Aside from the occasional tornado and maybe a snowstorm in June or August (the only month on record that we have not had a freak snow storm is July), life here is stable. The ground has only ever moved twice in my lifetime and those were the very tail ends of quakes far away.

I hope those move off or die out before they get any closer.

At 28 August, 2008, Anonymous emily said...

oh crap. we just got our power back! time to buy a generator!

At 28 August, 2008, Blogger The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

I went with those who substituted the Biologist for the Physician. Sorry it's late, but I didn't have time last night!

At 28 August, 2008, Blogger CRUSTYBEEF said...

I am sick and proud of it!!
I once ate everyones already chewed gum at a halloween party for $125..I had to chew the gum for 10minutes..and I did.
what, I was in my mid 20's and a broke beotch.


The weather track down there is exactly why I don't live there anymore. (betcha you're getting sorry of hearing me say that, aren't you?)
be careful!


At 29 August, 2008, Blogger The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

It's not their fault...
I read Minister (killed him)
read lawyer (killed her)
read biologist (figured life finds a way... killed him)
mental patient (killed him)
18-yr old college student (probably drunk or high... killed her)

That just left 4 :D

At 29 August, 2008, Blogger womaninawindow said...

It WAS fun.

Canada's looking mighty fine, isn't it?

At 29 August, 2008, Blogger gary rith said...

The mental patient did NOT have a chance, did he?
Tink, get that camper. We have the absolute NICEST summers here in upper New York, and no mosquitos either. Park over in the side yard. We'll meet up with you and Hoop every evening at 5 with a six pack and some popcorn, OK? Then when it gets cold, like it is NOW, head out for____.

At 29 August, 2008, Blogger furiousBall said...

i'm hoping for a hurricane to hit the midwest on election day

At 29 August, 2008, Blogger Fortune Cookies said...

That was a fun experiment!
Summers are hot and dry here, but no hurricanes, come on up to Tennessee!

At 29 August, 2008, Blogger Knight said...

You told me not to read this one first so I didn't and I'm honestly surprised to have the same answer as you. I didn't keep anyone for breeding but something about keeping an old man over a child that hasn't had a real chance at life yet seemed very cruel.

At 29 August, 2008, Blogger Tawcan said...

Tink to answer your question.


At 02 September, 2008, Blogger Chatty said...

I came upon this late, but I would have voted for the physician and carpenter - they would be needed immediately in the aftermath. As to the rest - draw lots. Youth is not all it is cracked up to be. Nor should mental illness be an automatic death sentence. In a world gone mad, sometimes the mad have an advantage...

Like Jay mentioned, we once did an experiment sort of like this - but not in college - it was back when I was in the 8th grade. There was a hot air balloon (come to think of it - is there any other kind?) and 4 people were on it. Only one person could safely land in the balloon (God knows why - well, God and the teacher...) so each kid had to PICK the person he or she wanted to be, and then had to plead why WE should be the only one to survive. BOY, was that a wake-up call for our teacher - we picked some REALLY WEIRD people to be! And the arguments were a scary sort of way.

On to something more important - TINK and HOOP.

OK. I agree with Gary - you get the camper, then visit him in the summer. You come to visit The Wiz and Chatty in Arizona in the fall, spring and/or winter - whichever ones are hurricane time. I know it's hurricane season six months of the year for you guys - I just forget WHICH six months - so I leave it up to you and Hoop.

Of course, Fortune Cookie also has a point - Nashville is VERY nice, but humid in the summer, if memory serves. Maybe you should spend the spring in Nashville, head up to Gary's for the summer, then out to visit Chatty and The Wiz in the fall or winter.

So, you and Hoop talk it over, and let us know when you'll be here. Also, be sure to talk to Gary and Fortune Cookie before you come - because the welcome mat is out to them and their significant others, too - and Chatty only has ONE guest room.

Oh, wait. You and Hoop will have the camper.

Never mind.

I just love it when guest accommodation situations solve themselves so neatly...


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