Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Weekly Words Challenge 38!

The words for this week were Heavy and Light.

How did you interpret them?

(Following two are from the archives.)


(Beach Pictures)

I Heart...

I Heart [My Name]


The words for next week are:

The words for the next three weeks will be chosen from the member suggestions on the WWC
Flickr group. If you haven't joined the fun yet, go here for details. Happy snapping!

Daily Etsy Pick:
Being Tricksey
Puzzle Piece Frames
Look To The Skies

WTF Etsy?:
Crappy Necklace
Meat-Sport Flip Book
Freaky Sleep Mask

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At 03 June, 2008, Blogger TNC said...

I love the butterfly pics!!
Mine are up too!!

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger gr said...

Hoop: tres romantic!
Yes, my pics are up too
btw--seems like you often do Tuesday posts just before 12, is that coffee time or lunch time?

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Alice said...

holy cow, those butterfly pics are astounding. really lovely.

mine are up!

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Jay said...

Love the butterfly pics!

He wrote your whole name in the sand?? Awwww!

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Karen said...

Love the boat and dock pictures!
And we always write in the sand... we are cheesy like that.
I didn't get around to this week's challenge. I was too busy getting ready for "Prom". Come on by, trust me the pictures of my 80s hair and dresses are totally better than I would've gotten for heavy and light. :-)

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger furiousBall said...

love the butterfly pictures a buttload

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Janet said...

awwww, that is sweet! Love the ship shot!

And that necklace on Etsy is gross!

mine's up:


At 03 June, 2008, Blogger moo said...

Hoop is sooooo romantic! How sweet!!

Mine are up! www.moosmoo.wordpress.com

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger womaninawindow said...

Yes, butterfly pictures are sick! (I'm so pretending with that word but even though I'm not cool I mean it - they're sick! Or is it sic?)
I love coke, too!

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Jo said...

Very sweet beach pics! The butterfly shots are amazing--I love the 2nd one, it's so abstract.

Mine are going to be late, I spaced on what day it was :P

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger g-man said...

Excellent pictures as usual. I liked the double entendre of the butterfly, it being light and the light exposure. Clever.

What Hoop doesn't know how to spell Tink? Those are WAY too many letters :)

Dirty peek-a-boo?!? What kind of sick chick are you ??? ;)

Mine are up.

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Reb said...

Great butterfly pictures! Hoop is so sweet!

mine are up.

At 03 June, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, everyone is doing animals except me! (Okay, just the 4 I've been to so far...I'm behind and getting behinder)
Heavy ship, heavy foot traffic, and what G-man pointed out about the butterfly pics.

Mine are up
but no animals, sorry!

I'm going to have to figure out how to scan in old pics, because if I manage it, I'll have a doozy for next week!

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger the planet of janet said...

love the butterfly shots.

and i <3 your love letters in the sand....

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Fortune Cookies said...

Hoop = good catch! I'm luvin those butterfly photos! nice shots. mine's up too

At 03 June, 2008, Anonymous Daisy said...

Hmm. I only managed "heavy" (perhaps it's because I'm not feeling beach-ready and a bit too "heavy" myself...)

So heavy is up, and I'll try to feel lighter later.




At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Mary said...

love the butterfly pics!

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger fiwa said...

I love the closeup butterfly picture - and of course the "I heart" picture too.

I am cringing at the thought of your "white bikini", I haven't had a sunburn in a long time (coz we don't GET sun here!), but I've had a few really bad ones in my time. Hope you feel better soon.


At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Chris said...


At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Sunshine said...

Thank God I'm not doing any of these challenges. You say "heavy" and "light" and all I can think of is menstrual flow.

The dirty one for next should garner interesting results.

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Hilary said...

That 2nd butterfly shot is amazing! And how sweet is Hoop?

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Sassy Mama Bear said...

If no one has told you, Hoop is a keeper, a must be kept guy!

Love the butterfly shots great.

I have 3 pics for each word posted @ The Cafe, back this week....wil try for next week, but with surgery that day I may be out for a few weeks again.

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Aunt Jackie said...

Love the ship! Love the Butterflies especially... Hey next week's words leave us with dirty thoughts lol!

Mine are up, and I'm back from my vacation Yay!

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Chatty said...

Oh, your butterfly is lovely - and your ship makes me want to take a cruise - something you'll be doing before you've turned around, because time is flying!
My pics are up, too.

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger Pamer said...

awww we all love you CC

At 03 June, 2008, Blogger flutter said...

Dude I could have done this one in one photo!! Me in a pair of strappy heels!!

Jesus, I am tired.

At 04 June, 2008, Blogger captain corky said...

I may have to buy the Freaky Sleep Mask for when I become a superhero. Since I'll be able to see through things I wont even have to cut out eye slits.

At 04 June, 2008, Blogger OneDaisy said...

AAAAAWWWWWWW....I want some wonderful man to write he loves me in the sand. You are truely a lucky woman.

At 04 June, 2008, Blogger LL said...

Wow... I had no idea women were that sappy. All it takes is a little sand lettering and you're all gooey. Hmmmm... gonna have to put that one in the file! ;)

At 04 June, 2008, Blogger Aunt Jackie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 04 June, 2008, Blogger Aunt Jackie said...

OMG! You have to own this t-shirt Tink!!!


At 04 June, 2008, Blogger Tequila Mockingbird said...

awe, sand love is so sweeeeeeet!!

At 04 June, 2008, Blogger Newt said...

Awwwww, your WWC's are fantastic as always. Cool butterfly wings. And the sand art............... awwwwwwwwww

Mine are finally up.......

At 06 June, 2008, Blogger rudecactus said...

Now I'm really wishing I was at a beach somewhere...

At 06 June, 2008, Blogger Farmer*swife said...

Awwww, Hoop, way to go!

Great butterfly pic!

I'll start playing again...I think I can handle it now! Dirty and Peek-a-boo...hmmmmm

;-D Happy Friday!

At 06 June, 2008, Blogger mrspao said...

Wonderful photos :)


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