Monday, December 15, 2008

Bring On The Eggnog

This weekend was interesting, to say the least. My family came over to the house Saturday evening, following a birthday party for my Mom at a nearby restaurant. When Hoop opened the door to let them in, a tiny bird flew in too. From the way my brother's girlfriend was screaming, you would have thought it was a pterodactyl. I eventually caught the poor thing in one of our hanging cooking pots. Its heart was practically humming against my hand as I took it outside. When I opened my fingers it paused, almost in disbelief, before shooting straight up into the black sky.

Sunday, Hoop and I took my brothers Christmas shopping. All was going well until we went into the sports store. We were just about to leave when Big Bit (the 16 yr. old) came limping up to me and said he'd gotten cut on a stationary bicycle. It wasn't a cut though, it was a gash. Our next stop was the local hospital. Three hours and six stitches later, we were more than ready to call it a day. There's only so much weather channel a person can take. Although, people watching was at its finest. I saw three broken hands, two injured eyes, and a wood chopping injury. Ouch.

Friday's Holiday Meme

1. What was the best present you've ever received?
For Christmas- An entire set of model horses. I was eleven. All my friends had them. I'd been pining after a set of my own for months. My Mom and I had carefully picked these out for my cousins, so I'd thought. But in the end, they turned out to be for me!
Other- The first year Hoop and I were together, he bought me a digital camera. I'd been using his for about three months when it died. I felt horrible and offered to replace it. But instead, he bought ME one. It was totally unexpected and more expensive than I'm comfortable admitting. By far, it was the most thoughtful gift he could have given me.

2. What was the worst?
A set of chipped angel-head butter spreaders that were obviously used.

3. What is something you really want this year for yourself?

4. What is something you really want this year for someone else?
A Vita-Mix juicer for my Mom. Unfortunately, it's WAY out of price range.

5. What's your favorite Christmas memory?
When my brothers were very young, they would get up at the crack of dawn and run screaming through the house that Santa had come. I miss that excitement. Christmas is always lovely. I have my family. We have our health. But there's something special about Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Let us know if you participated!

Daily Hoop Conversation:
Tink: Are you hot?
Hoop: Am I hot?
Tink: Yeah.
Hoop: No. I'd need to lose 20 pounds and get some sun first.
Tink: Oh-kay... So I take it you DON'T want me to turn on the fan then?

How was your weekend?

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At 15 December, 2008, Blogger fiwa said...

Jinx - I just played.

5. Christmas is so much more fun with kids around, isn't it?


At 15 December, 2008, Blogger Gary's third pottery blog said...

Number 5, Tink? You and Hoop can take care of that: start making bambinos! Years of kids and Christmas fun!

At 15 December, 2008, Blogger LL said...

You had to ask your new hubby if he was hot? Are you sure you made the right choice? :ewink:

At 15 December, 2008, Blogger Jay said...

You didn't even consider the idea of suing that store that Big Bit got hurt in? Are you a Communist or something? ;-)

I did your meme on my blog.

At 15 December, 2008, Blogger Gin said...

Love your answers to your Meme!!

At 15 December, 2008, Blogger Woman in a Window said...

You with a bird in your hand is somehow perfect. Wonderful imagery.

HA! Hot! HA!
Dude, you do not have ten pounds to lose! You are hot! Now turn on the fan!

At 15 December, 2008, Blogger Dianne said...

I miss Christmas morning when my son was young - you're right about how special it is!!

but I'm going to be a granny next year so - here we go again :)

sorry I haven't been around lately - life is - well it's life :)

At 16 December, 2008, Blogger Tawcan said...

I spent my while weekend in the freezing cold trying not to freeze my balls off! That probably doesn't sound too pleasant for you folks living in Florida.

ROFL about your daily Hoop conversation.

At 16 December, 2008, Blogger captain corky said...

You guys should have hit the hospital gift shop. I hear they have really great bargins on the things that they sale in hospital gift shops.

At 16 December, 2008, Blogger mamatulip said...

Christmas is exhausting when you're a parent, but the best part is seeing your kids so happy. I love it. :)

At 16 December, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

Good thing you don't have cats, for that bird's sake...

At 16 December, 2008, Blogger furiousBall said...

ahh, Hoop, *pats tummy* I'm right there with ya brother.

At 16 December, 2008, Blogger g-man said...

Bummer on your brother, I have two sons which means I get my own parking spot at the ER.

I liked your answer to #5, I miss that excitement for myself, but get to live it vicariously via my kids.

At 16 December, 2008, Blogger J said...

Oo, I've seen woodchopping injuries before. Not fun at all.

On a more pleasant note, I did your meme on my blog.

At 16 December, 2008, Blogger the planet of janet said...

that vita-mix thing? totally rocks.

At 16 December, 2008, Blogger meno said...

I was caught by the screaming girlfriend description. Screaming over a bird. Wonder what would have happened for a bat.


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