Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Weekly Words Challenge 34!

The words for this week were Three and Fire.

How did you interpret them?


A few close up...

(From the archives)


Can you spot the skink?

The words for next week are:

This is the last week for the mixed theme of numbers and elements. A new theme will be announced next week! If you haven't joined the fun yet, go
here for details. Don't forget, we now have a Flickr group too. All we require is your soul. Happy snapping!

Daily Etsy Pick:
Fishy Fishy
Creamsicle Apron
The Wing Collector

WTF Etsy?:
Christmas Hat
Ahahaha. Check out the second picture!
Basket Of Crap

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At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Krishna said...

I love your 3 from beer caps. very creative. I have a much tougher time this week or I may not have been feeling the love.


At 06 May, 2008, Blogger TNC said...

Hooray for WWC! Mine are up!

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger gr said...

there you are, flashing us 3 fingers!
Did you and Hoop devour those beers over the weekend just you could make a clever 3 out of the caps?
mine are UP, thank you...

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger furiousBall said...

yep, i see the skank, she's got blonde hair and doing a number three on her... oh you said skink...

it's that red lizard thing.

just kiddin' about the skank thing, you da bomb, weird elbows and all

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Edge said...

I would like to have a larger copy of the couch so I can frame it for my new office. Can you send me a big copy?


At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Alice said...

bottle cap three is awsome! and i looove the candles on the cake.. gorge. mine are up, i played this week!

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Knight said...

Oooh I love the fire pictures! Might just be the pyro in me but they both are very captivating.
Those etsy finds....what the? That last one really was a basket of crap. Love the second spider lady without a tooth. Scared me!

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Jennifer said...

I think the birthday cake is my favorite. And WTF is up with the booby lady? Is that from a package of cigarettes?

The montage is cool, as always.

Mine are up www.moosmoo.wordpress.com

Loved this theme ... can't wait to see what comes next!

At 06 May, 2008, Anonymous sunndog818 said...

Awesome pic of the bottlecaps, very creative! Mine are up on Flickr.

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Jay said...

The three out of bottle caps is very clever. I like that.

I see the skink and he looks pretty pissed. His face is red! Cool shot.

"All we require is your soul."

But, what if I don't have a soul? ;-)

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Pamer said...

how is the Bud Light with Lime?...we don't get that up here in the North

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Janet said...

I LOVE the bottle caps!!! So artsy :-)

The "Wing Collector" is absolutely amazing!!!

Mine's up: http://fondofsnape.com/?p=1668

At 06 May, 2008, Anonymous Julie said...

Hope you enjoyed all those drinks!

Mine's up: http://iloveagoodbook.blogspot.com/2008/05/weekly-word-challenge.html

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Newt said...

Wow, very cool. I just love your number collages. They are fantastic. The skink picture is cool too. Next weeks words: Hmmmm gotta ponder this one.

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Aunt Jackie said...

Mine are up as well, despite my lazy spell being even worse than yours!!

Your collages are the coolest!! I love all you did with the THREE.

The skink is adorable :)

Happy Tuesday

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

I particularly like the bottlecap construction! :)

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Reb said...

Love the burning couch! Your collages are great. That skink has a very red face, cool photo.

Mine are up.

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Sassy Mama Bear said...

You did great, whereas I...failed this week. None of my fire shots turned out and I was stuck on 3 I never got the shot I wanted. I will have a much better chance at next week's words as I have a campout this weekend.

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger R.E.H. said...

Oooh, I love that couch on fire! I always had a fascination with fire. And that skink looks wonderfully evil ;)

Great pictures (as always)!

I've played too!

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Robert said...

wow very very cool I took a peek at twisted tink you are truly talented there!!! Love how you interweave all those characters ty very much for stopping in and leaving a comment tink I DO believe in fairies!!!! lol quite a creative one you are

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger womaninawindow said...

Very fun, especially the bottle caps. And what the hell is a skink? Where have I been. Looks like a snake to me. (I'm such an idiot - please educate me.) Creepily cool though.

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Chatty said...

Well, I have to weigh in with my admiration of the 3 of bottlecaps, too - and that first fire picture, especially - I was trying to figure out what it was (besides an incredible photograph, that is) and at first thought of that play "The Burning Bed" - then realized it was probably a couch. Either way, very dramatic and cool, in a hot way, if you know what I mean!
My pics are up but are much more prosaic!

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Ginni Dee said...

I love your WWC photos!! I'm going to try to get back to it soon.

I think I think I think I see a skink!

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Hilary said...

Wonderful shots as always Tink. I especially like the burning couch. I wonder if it's baking couch potatoes.

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger ETK said...

oMG - the beer caps are pure GENIUS!

I wish I were half as smart and cool and pretty as you. :)

Mine (my boring ol' ones) are up. yay! On time! woo!

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Fortune Cookies said...

mine is up, finally. i'm with the majority, beer caps rock! skink is amazing!

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Jo said...

I thought you said "skunk"...so I click it & I'm thinking, WTF Tink, all I see is a lizard! LOL

Clever bottlecaps! I love the burning couch...I really wanted to do that to hub's bachelor couch.

At 06 May, 2008, Blogger Karen said...

Running a bit behind, but mine are up. I claim sickness as my excuse for the lameness of my entries.
Tink I love the bottle caps!
I think I can feel the heat from the couch on fire. As usual great pictures.

At 06 May, 2008, Anonymous apathy lounge said...

Love your beer bottle caps

At 07 May, 2008, Blogger the planet of janet said...

photos are good, but what i really look forward to are your wtf etsy's ...

makes me laugh every time.

At 07 May, 2008, OpenID kcinnova said...

Burning couch, WOW! And thanks for the close-up of the beer caps, I was straining my eyes trying to read each one, lol.
Mine are up (since early yesterday morning...but my boys hogged the computer after school so I couldn't check back before now)

At 07 May, 2008, Blogger butterfly girl said...

How sweet of you to pick the apron this week, thanks so much!

That's alot of candles!!! *L*

At 07 May, 2008, Blogger Gramps said...

Gotta love the beer, but who in the hell is drinking LIGHT beer?! A sin, I tell you.

At 07 May, 2008, Blogger Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a great cake.

I'm up and I've got fire, baby!

At 07 May, 2008, Blogger Tequila Mockingbird said...

UGH i hate skinks. i love lizards and toads, but skinks can suck a bag of dicks. they are too much like snakes. they even have forked tongues.

great pix tho.

At 07 May, 2008, Blogger rudecactus said...

That chick was for sale for $13? Damn, that's a bargain.

At 08 May, 2008, Blogger TheBirdman33 said...

You knew where I've been spending my time instead of in the blog world last week, before anyone else in the blogosphere, but I wanted you to know I was back and say hi!


At 08 May, 2008, Blogger captain corky said...

cool pics. I love me a good fire and a nice big bottle of Vodka.

At 11 May, 2008, Anonymous Daisy said...

hee hee

you said "skink"!


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