Thursday, December 15, 2005

Social Pariah

Daily Hoop Conversation:
So this one happened awhile ago. But it came to mind last night and gave me a chuckle.

Tink: Would you still want me if I had no hair?
Hoop: Of course... You'd still have those big beautiful eyes of yours.
Tink: What if I had no eyelashes?
Hoop: *Blink* Um...

Opening Lines:
Things I've said to people on first meeting them. Also the reason why I don't get invited to parties anymore hehe.

Would you rather watch a porno with your parents or starring them?

So...Who here likes fish?

If Jesus was hung would we all wear nooses instead of crosses?

Some days I wish I had theme music.



At 15 December, 2005, Blogger WILLIAM said...

Hey Tink.

I noticed from your profile that you are new to blogger.

Welcome and I will stop by again.

At 15 December, 2005, Blogger Mignon said...

I love the nooses bit! At first I thought you meant well hung, though. Which is more wrong?

At 15 December, 2005, Blogger Tink said...

LOL! Oh man...I'm going to have that mental image in my head for DAYS.


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