Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Attack Of The Links

It's one of those days where fabulous just isn't going to happen folks. The rain is sucking out my creative thought. So please enjoy all the garbage below, included for your viewing pleasure.

Playing With The Big Dogs: Interested what the world's most popular blogs are? Check out
Technorati. Or if you're lazy check out the top five blogs here.

Engadget: keeps you updated on all the latest technology. Like the "The Babykeeper," a device that allows you to suspend your child from a public restroom door while you go about your business.
老徐 徐静蕾 新浪: your guess is as good as mine.
Boing Boing: cultural curiosities and interesting technologies. Check out the linked article about a stoner chick who accidentally texts a cop instead of her friend.
Gizmodo: the gadget guide. Click on the link to see the largest airhorn ever created. I wish I'd had one of those at graduation.
The Huffington Post: an online news/opinion paper. *Yawn* How did this make the top five?

Personally I think the list is rigged. I don't see any of us wonderful, talented, funny bloggers on there. And I happen to think we're tops.

Ohhh. I Lost: They say humans are the most intelligent creatures on this planet. Yet... There's a game, called "
The Game," where simply thinking of "The Game" makes you lose. The rules are as follow:

1. Knowledge of The Game is the only thing required to play it.
2. Thinking of The Game causes a player to lose.
3. A losing player must announce the loss.

They're calling it, "a social phenomenon and an anti-memory game." I call it RIDICULOUS.

Daily Hoop Conversation:
Tink: By the way, we have to have sex tonight.
Hoop: Nooo!
Hoop: Why?
Tink: WHY? Well... One, I'm horny. Two, I'm about to start my monthly oil change.
Hoop: *Starts rubbing Tink's leg*
Tink: What are you doing?
Hoop: We have exactly one minute before I have to get you back to work.
Tink: So now you're a miracle worker?

Spam Mail:
Rooster Scuffle from Louisa Roman
Tinny Salve from Mathilda Mejia

Daily Hoop Conversation 2:
Hoop: I'm thinking of creating a professional Myspace page to advertise that I'm looking for a job.
Tink: Oh? Well I know a bunch of people that would much rather you create a blog.
Hoop: Yeah but-
Tink: The "Hoop" craze is starting to die hon. Soon they're going to forget all about you.
Hoop: Well tell them I'm sorry. I just have so many more important things to do-
Tink: *Raises eyebrow*
Hoop: -like play Tiger Woods golf on my PSP.
Tink: I see.
Hoop: But they're more than welcome to join me in a round or two on the net!
Tink: I'll let them know.

Updates: Hoop had to cancel his second interview for tomorrow. After some extensive research, we found out the company is a scam. Their idea of "marketing" is to go door to door selling their products. What's really shitty is they do a good job of covering up who they really are until you're roped in. So it's back to the drawing board.


At 30 August, 2006, Blogger Newt said...

Great Hoop talk!
Bummer about the job. I ran into a few of those on my job search. It's an interesting experience. What is Hoops interest? You know where I work, tell him to see if they have any positions in your area. It's a good company.

And you're a top blogger in my book!

At 30 August, 2006, Anonymous mamatulip said...

Ugh, bummer about the job. That sucks. I hope he finds something soon, that's not him going door to door selling vaccums.

At 30 August, 2006, Blogger EE said...

Oh dang...that is a bummer about the interview for Hoop.

LMAO at the first Hoop convo and his whole "we have a minute"...nice. TYPICAL GUY! LOL

And I agree...Technorati is rigged. It must be, no one I love it listed in the top 10! Pffft. :)

At 30 August, 2006, Blogger Chris said...

Boo hiss about the job! At least you figured it out beforehand...

Hee hee - One Minute Man??

At 30 August, 2006, Blogger Jay said...

There's no way those can be the top 5 websites. Why? Because I don't regularly go there. That's why. If I'm not there, how can it can't be the hip place to be?

I don't think you're gonna be able to talk Hoop into blogging.

At 30 August, 2006, Blogger Tink said...

Newt: Thank you for the great idea. I didn't find any current listings for that company, but I did find out that there are three divisions in driving distance! Hoop just finished getting his bachelors in Business/Marketing and he has sales experience. So he's open to all sorts of fields.

You're a top blogger in mine too Newt. xo

Mama T: Maybe I should arm him with a two liter of Coke and see how he fares? ;)

EE: He's all male- through and through. I'm telling you, that list is crap. I didn't find a single one as interesting as ours.

Chris: Not really, thank God. LOL. Although he acts like he'd like to be one sometimes. Go figure.

Jay: We should make our own damn list! I think I'm going to bury the idea of a Hoop Blog. He's too chicken shit.

Ya hear that Hoop?! I called you CHICKEN SHIT.

Love ya baby.

At 30 August, 2006, Blogger sassybead said...

LOL at the chicken shit comment. Tell Hoop that if he doesn't blog, he has NO defense against anything you might say in yours. Don't we deserve to ever hear HIS side?

My sister got caught in one of those door-to-door selling scams. I forget what they were selling...garbage pick-up or something just as ridiculous! Good luck to Hoop, and tell him to steer clear of retail jobs unless he has no desire to have a life of his own...

At 30 August, 2006, Anonymous Susan said...

Hey, I ended up sucked into one of those door to door jobs. I was just young, dumb and desperate enough to take it. Selling encyclopedias isn't for the faint of heart!

At 30 August, 2006, Blogger Mignon said...

That last bit? That happened to me too. It was a pyramid scam, now more affectionately called multi-level marketing, which they disguised in the newspaper ad as an "Environmental Firm." Okay, so it was the 'firm' part that really got me, but anyway...

And then, as I was trying to get out of the "interview" without buying any of their crap, the interviewer, a very dykey chick started hitting on me as a last ditch effort to get me on her team (I'm resisting the urge to put everything in quotes in this comment). Hmm... the signing bonus was suddenly not that impressive.

At 30 August, 2006, Blogger The Gradual Gardener said...

Boy, could I use one of those giant airhorns right about now...Do you have any idea how much fun it is to get a 15-year-old who's been sleeping until noon all summer up at 6am?????

It might also come in handy when telemarketers call....

At 30 August, 2006, Blogger Brooke said...

Well poo on the job but you guys still crack me up! I missed the Hooptink!

At 31 August, 2006, Blogger mrspao said...

Glad you figured out about the job before the second interview. At least Hoop still has his dignity.

At 31 August, 2006, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

I'm a huge I love Engadget!!

At 31 August, 2006, Blogger Mike Y said...

Hey Tink!

Personally, I can't stand Technocrappy. I think it's completely bogus BS and I don't like sites that consist of buzzwords.

I love your site and a couple of others. I suppose it helps that I consider ya'll to be my friends and that had to start somewhere. But ya'll have made it easy to become friends because you comment back. Now, I don't expect mamaT to do that as she gets like a gazillion comments a day. I'll never be as cool as her.

Sorry about Hoop. When you get a chance, shoot over his, and possibly yours, resume. I can't make any promises, but I can always make a few calls.

And I think your sex thing falls in the TMI bucket. I'm not sure whether or not I should cheer for you. And in the background we can have "We Will Rock You" playing ;) as all your fans stomp our feet to the tune.

And it would be good if Hoop does a blog. Personally, I can't stand Myspace. I have an account there and all I seem to get is chicks wanting to "hook up". I'm not disillusioned into thinking it's real. It just comes across as a giant eSex thing. NMS.

And to mamaT and others... don't knock the vacuums. I sold Kirby vacuums door to door. It's long hours, but killer money. Where else do you find 20 year olds making $250K per year or more? It was actually a lot of fun because I got to meet so many interesting people. But again, the hours were long at 12 hours per day, 7 days per week.

And The Game is stupid. Yeah... give me an idea and then tell me don't think on it. What? Do I look blond? Oops! Sorry ;)

At 31 August, 2006, Blogger FA said...

Sorry to hear about the interview. At least Hoop got out before he

The Game? I want to participate in The Work. The longer you don't work and don't think about work the more money you get. That's more like it.


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