Thursday, November 09, 2006

Your Faces Are Safe

It seems my guard spork right-click disable feature has been keeping some people from commenting. So I've taken it out of my template. Apparently the only people it has excluded are the people I want to have around. Kind of defeats the purpose huh? The truth is we're not safe, ever, no matter how many traps and blocks we install. It's the price we pay for choosing the internet as a means for expressing ourselves.

I don't like that there are people out there stealing our stuff, not creative enough to make their own. It's upsetting, disappointing, and may very well bring about the end of this wonderful community some day. But not today. Today I'm going to post, as I've posted 232 times before, and hope that no one takes advantage of it. Because you see... I'm just a girl with a fist full of sporks and a very open mind, wanting to be heard.

Sticker Collection: Traffic was slow on the highway this morning. Painfully slow. My head panged with the promise of coffee as I whipped past the old gentleman in the Cadillac Deville. As I turned off on my exit, I realized the old man in the Caddy had somehow managed to get in front of me again. "What the hell?" I waited as he nudged his car forward, missing every opportunity traffic gave him to get out on the road. It was then that I noticed something odd. His license plate was yellow. "Are those yellow polka dots?" I craned forward to get a better look. "No, those are tags!" Evidently someone had failed to tell this poor man that the tag he receives each year is supposed to go OVER the old one. So he'd covered his plate instead, never letting the tags overlap. I counted nine before the car finally eased onto the street.

(More) November Search Terms:
(What people put into search engines that bring them here)
1. "tink is bad!"
My halo's just a little bent.
2. "half a cigarette a day"
Does NOT work.
3. definition "giving someone a complex"
*Twirls hair around finger* Like, apartments?
4. alien light saber poke Also known as "probing," usually resulting in a baby 9 months later that's green tinted.

5. coworker stealing your idea One word, "blackmail."

Countdown Until Hoop And I Are Homeless: 12 Days


At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Newt said...

Awww, just makes you want to take him home and call him Gramps. Ok, not really, but still, it's sort of cute.

Or maybe adopt him and move into his place? Eh? Eh? Solves the soon to be homeless problem.

See, what would you do without us? Who would give you GREAT ideas like that?

At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Chelle Y. said...

That is too funny about the license plate.

Hey, I told you that I would adopt you. You and Hoop can come live here with me. That is, if you wanted to trade coasts! Haha! :)

At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Chelle Y. said...

If you do come, I would never have to watch T.V. again. I would just listen to you and Hoop's conversations. That is entertaining enough.

At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Peggy said...

Woo hoo! It works now! Thanks for fixing this Tink.

That old guy obviously lives without the benefit of young people around. Young people will tell you when your clothes are hopeless and you should change before you go out and they'll let you know how stupid you are to put the renewal sticker in the wrong spot.

How to people who live without teenagers know when they are being embarrassing??

At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Jay said...

When I went to college we had to get parking stickers and put them in the bottom right of the front windshield. Most people wouldn't remove the previous years sticker. They would put the new one above the old one.

I always thought it would be kind of embarrassing to have more than 4 on campus undergrad stickers. I did see one with 9 once. All on campus and all undergrad. I really didn't think college was THAT hard.

At 09 November, 2006, Anonymous Susan said...

That poor old's a wonder he hasn't been stopped in all those years of covering up the plate.

Peggy, the whole point of having a teenager is so that you CAN embarrass them, it's kinda like payback for them being so "teenagery"

At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Mignon said...

I don't think you need to be exceptionally bright to realize that the old sticker is expired and therefore 100% useless. Maybe that should be the test for "Too Old to Be Driving."

You know, for some reason, I just don't care if someone steals my stuff. My writing stuff, I mean, because if someone stole my 12" tv I'd be royally pissed. But I feel like I should be more mad about it. I'm mad for you and for everyone else it happens to, but me? Nope.

At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Tink said...

Newt: We could be the long lost grandkids he never knew he had! You're a genius Newt, among other talents. ;)

Chelle Y: >>I would just listen to you and Hoop's conversations.<< No pressure or anything! Lol. Once we moved in though we might not want to leave. What then?

Peggy: Yay! Welcome aboard. Glad it worked. Teenagers and little kids are good gauges. I will never live down the day (when I was six) I told my Mom her hair didn't look pretty anymore because she got it cut. Oy.

Jay: If they got nine in a row did they get one year free? You would think there'd be a cap off or something.

Susan: The cops in this town are so anal I was surprised too. You would have thought they'd have jumped on that "easy buck." Maybe they felt bad for him like I did.

At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Tink said...

Speaking of stealing TVs... Hoop asked if I'd mind moving into a trailer park for a few weeks. I requested we check it out for crack-heads first.

T: I'm not too good to rent cheap for awhile though.
H: Maybe we could just move all our boxes and stuff with us to cut down on the storage costs.
T: You want to store our big screen and all our valuables in a trailer?!
H: Yeah... Why not?
T: Oh babe. You really have been sheltered huh?

At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Betty said...

Tags all over his license plate? That's priceless. Old people rock! lol

At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Gracey said...

I'm surprised a cop hasn't pulled him over for all those stickers on his plate. That's too funny. You live in FL, right...well, that explains it then with the old people there.

At 09 November, 2006, Anonymous wordgirl said...

How is it that this old man hasn't been pulled over for papering his plates with yellow tags?

At 09 November, 2006, Blogger Chris said...

Hmm, I just put one little tag in the wrong spot and I got a ticket. But... it wasn't in Florida, obviously! ;)

At 10 November, 2006, Anonymous Lily said...

Tink I almost sent the link (but didnt want to depress you) but there are a bunch of NEW ways for people tos teal your stuff. One plug in for Wordpress even allows people to do one click stealing, they can steal your content AND post it without doing anything. There are all kinds of things out there, and every day there will be more. If something is precious, maybe publish it where at least there is the fear of a magazine or "big scary entity" coming after them.

Now I also had somebody recently ask me about what can be done, and so I helped htem "research" this question. Try googling internet copyright options. Many sites (dot coms) are required also to publish the domain registrants real information, they are not as anonymous as you might think. Try googling "domain owner" look up, lots of stuff comes up. There ARE people out there working on content theft. Hope it gets better.

Ah, seniors. Poor guy!

At 10 November, 2006, Blogger Tink said...

Betty: I think he's trying to start a new trend. ;)

Gracey + Wordgirl + Chris: I was thinking the same thing! I've been pulled over on CHRISTMAS for a much less offense. I really think they must be taking pity on him.

Lily: Can I just say that I LOVE that you're the odd duck out? Everyone else picked up on the old man story. I know there are people out there trying to find solutions for us bloggers, and bless 'em. I'm just not going to worry anymore. It's a sick cycle. I spent two days researching ways to block thieves, and it did nothing more than make me more afraid. So I'm going to choose to have faith in the people who blog here until the day that I'm proven wrong. THEN I'll close up shop. But not a moment before. :)

At 12 November, 2006, Blogger Foo said...

coworker stealing your idea One word, "blackmail."

I was thinking "manager", but I'm probably the exception.

[five count]


At 14 November, 2006, Blogger mrspao said...

I'm probably a bit like sticker man! Hence I have mittens that look like no one elses!!!


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