Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Weekly Words Challenge 8!

Can you believe I've been doing this for two months now?

The words for this week were Old and Blue, with bonus spork points for Halloween.

How did you interpret them?

The River Blue

Blue Skyline


Aptly named "Gilligan."


I went to work as Corporate America. Can you tell?

(Random Pictures)

Us Girls

Der be booze in dem der cups.

Full Bloom

Aren't they beautiful? Unfortunately, my coworkers made me take them home. They said it was starting to smell like a funeral home in the office.

The words for next week are:


If you haven't joined the fun, go
here for details.



At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Jen said...

Awesome! I love your corporate America costume! Completely creative Tink!

I played.

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Alli said...

Great pics!!!

Those water pics are amazing. Much more beautiful than stinky old Galveston, TX.

Very cool Halloweenie pic!

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Chelle Y. said...

I love the sky behind the building, with the water in front of it! So....purdy!

Nice teeth! Those braces sure did pay off! :)

I played, but not so well!

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Alli said...

P.S. I played, too. It's been fun.

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Mike Y said...

Aww... that's a cute pic of you as a "lawyer" ;)

At 06 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The blue skyline looks amazing! Halloween pic looks cool :)

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Karen said...

Your picture are awesome - very arty. I think you can sell the Gilligan for a nice profit!
And I love your Halloween picture. You are too funny.

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger furiousBall said...

great costume.

star gazer lillies right?

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Aunt Jackie said...

Blue is such a pretty color! Not my favorite, but certainly striking anywhere it appears in life or nature! Great photos this week!! And you're a sexy vamp! Love the teeth lol... Ok, I'm done with My WWC... Hope it is as enjoyable as yours!

Have a great week everyone

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Tawcan said...

Lol I was going to say you have some really sharp teeth... then I read the photo title. :p

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger mamatulip said...

I LOVE the Corporate America picture. You are SMOKIN' hot!

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Jay said...

Corporate vampire. LOL That's great.

Love the water and skyline pictures.

And that poor old boat must have had a bad day.

The idea of using color as one of the words was a great one!

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger mrspao said...

Great photos!

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger g-man said...

Blogger is eating my comments ...

As the new guy to WWC I hope you enjoy. While looking at the other ones I realized that you were giving extra credit for Halloween, so I added one. :)

I like yours, the deep blues in the water of the first one, and I had to laugh at Gilligan.

Nice Fangs, Did you name that one "Bite me?"

Purdy gurls

I gave my wife a bouquet of those lillies a couple months ago for no reason, cause that's how I roll, I mean get in her pants. :) She too had to move then because they were overpowering her floor.

Looking forward to next week. I already have one picture in mind.

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger CRUSTYBEEF said...

Very cool pics!!

So the flowers a funeral home, eh? well, either that or a church at Easter if we look at the bright side. With Christmas all the rage a day after Halloween we might as well chat about Easter, right?

I love the pictures!!!Very good job with your new role.

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Real Live Lesbian said...

Great pics! And I ADORE Stargazer Lillies!!!! I think they smell divine!

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Chris said...

Your Corporate America picture is awesome - you would be a soulsucker, no? ;)

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger R.E.H. said...

Absolutely love the blue river picture. Stunning, proffessional quality picture.

And, the vampire shot - you're hot, girl... bite me :)

I played again this week too.

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Kell said...

Those are great pics! Love the water photos. Makes me wish I had a boat and lived in Florida.

I played, too.

At 06 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bee-u-tee-ful!!! The boat is sad.

I forgot about the bonus spork points.


At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Pamer said...

Holy crap your Halloween picture freaked me out.

Corporate America?? Cute and smiley...i don't get it. LOL

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger Alli said...

Not related to this link:

Tink: I recommend TheKnot.com for wedding help...I got a lot of ideas & support using it. I had fun!! You'll figure it out. :)

At 06 November, 2007, Anonymous gawilli said...

Beautiful blue! My take was a bit different. And I missed the bonus points for Halloween altogether! Grrrh!

Hey, I have people like that in my office. Even when it's not Halloween.

At 06 November, 2007, Blogger fiwa said...

I love your photos, as always. Whatever you did to the one of you on Halloween is very cool looking!

At 06 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THe first couple pics are really cool.
I've never been so scared of Corporate america lol

At 06 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty pink flowers.

At 07 November, 2007, Blogger Freakazojd said...

Corporate America, I must remember that one - very clever! :)
I LOVE your photos this week...I can't even single one out over the others, because they're all amazing!
I played too, and got all emotional and wordy and such. Great words this week.

At 07 November, 2007, Blogger rudecactus said...

Back to my familiar refrain - great pics! Love the fangs too!

At 07 November, 2007, Blogger janet said...

corporate america? bwahahahaha!

great photos as usual.

At 07 November, 2007, Blogger captain corky said...

Awesome pics. I really like the Halloween one of you. And the water is really pretty too.

At 09 November, 2007, Blogger david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

The Gilligan and Full Bloom shots are wonderful.

At 12 November, 2007, Blogger graymama said...

Buddy thinks you look really "spooky. yikes!" :-)


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