Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weekly Words Challenge 27!

The words for this week were Foreign and Domestic.

How did you interpret them?


I was eight the year
"Salute Your Shorts" started airing on Nickelodeon. I loved it instantly. But it wasn't because I secretly wanted to go to summer camp. No. It was because I wanted one of those cool travel trunks all the campers kept at the foot of their beds. I begged all year for one of those trunks. Finally, I got one, straight from the Navy supply store.

The next step to making it "authentic" was to cover it in stickers from all the cool places I'd been. The only problem was, I hadn't been anywhere yet. Fortunately, my Grandparents were quite the travelers and they had no problem picking me up stickers from all their foreign destinations. So I filled the front and sides with all the gifts they delivered, saving the back for all the stickers I would one day (hopefully) collect.

Domestic Dispute

That's me, pouting on the side of the road.

(Random Pictures)

Tire Cape

Fowl Play

Artistic Graffiti

Twisted Flower

The words for next week are:

If you haven't joined the fun, go
here for details. Happy Snapping!

Daily Etsy Pick:
Coffee Addict Ring

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At 18 March, 2008, Blogger g-man said...

Those trunks are great. "I Love my HOOKER"??? That requires some 'splainin' :)

Wicked good shot of you!!!

Fowl play, you are one twisted chick. ;)

Mine are up.

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger gary rith said...


Got my pics up, kinda boring compared to yours...and then Karen turns out to have nearly the same shot!

Oh! The picture of you looks so winsome! No wonder all those guys wanted to change your tire.
And, the ah, marshmallow treats, does that have anything to do with reconciling with Hoop?

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Karen said...

I like your trunk, very cool.
And the photo of you is great. No wonder guys were offering to help you!
Mine are up.

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Fortune Cookies said...

OH! I love fowl play! And twisted flower is beautiful!!

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Aunt Jackie said...

I'm a minimalist this week by the past few weeks' standards ;) However, I'm in.

I love the stickers! That's so cool. Your 'car repair site' is neat, glad you documented this incident... And glad that you weren't molested by the strapping dudes either.

Foul Play is my fav, that's very cute... Well shot!

Can't wait for next week. Maybe I will have more!

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Fortune Cookies said...

Oh yeah, my pics are up!

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger captain corky said...

I didn't see I love Louisville on your trunk. It must be on the bottom...

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger fiwa said...

I love the "Hooker" sticker. I have one of those trunks too - I got my stickers in china town. ;)

I love the domestic disput photo of you - you are so pretty. I can't wait to see photos of you in your wedding gown, you are gonna blow everyone away.

happy day -

At 18 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naughty bunny! Your skin is so smooth.


At 18 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are gorgeous. GORGEOUS.

Fowl play *snort*

mine are up!

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Jay said...

I love that trunk.

The pic of you pouting is a really great picture. Of course any picture of you is going to be beautiful. But, it's a great shot. It's like a professional self portrait.

"Fowl Play" .. hehe ;-)

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Reb said...

Great trunk, love all those stickers. That graffitti is something else, wow!

mine are up

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Gin said...

What a cool trunk! You are such a cutie! Even when you're pouting!

Mine are up.

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Knight said...

I am curious where you get an I love My Hooker sticker as well. Love the shot of you. Very interesting.
I joined in the fun this week!

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger R.E.H. said...

Now, I sure hope you didn't have that "I love my HOOKERS!" sticker on that trunk when you were a kid! ;)

Wonderful shots, and like so many have already said - you are stunning in that "domestic dispute" picture.

The fowl play and the tire cape both crack me up!

My WWC is up as well!

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger furiousBall said...

that really is a great shot of you and your pout.

At 18 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice collection! Sadly, my collection didn't last long :)

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Tink said...

The "I Love My Hooker" sticker is one of the originals, believe it or not. It actually says, "I Love My Hooker Header", but I covered "Header" with magnets that say "unfortunate for him" some years ago. :)

Hooker Headers sells racing equipment, so I can only assume the sticker was given to me by my Mom's second husband (an avid racing fan). Which could be kind of disturbing... Anyhoop, you can still find them on Ebay if you're interested.

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

I love your trunk and its story! Excellent pout, too. :) And I'm still giggling about the "Fowl Play" shot...

At 18 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the story of the trunk!

My pic for this week is going to be late. I have a plan and can't do it yet and instead of half-assing it and putting something else up, I am going to be fashionably late and hopefully less half-assed.

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Unknown said...

The fowl play pic is hilarious.
The Domestic shot is powerful, and I love the trunk always wanted one like that.
Mine are up for the week :)

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Chatty said...

Tink - love the stickers - I've always wanted a trunk full of stickers! And what a great self-portrait! Hapless super-hero cape/towel - poor tire - great photo op! And the peeps, well, perfect!
My stuff is up, too - interesting words this week!

At 18 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always wanted one of those trunks... and I really do think I'm going to have to cave in and buy one. :)
Great photos again.

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Knight said...

Oh, and I saw that etsy coffee ring a few days ago and came really close to getting it.

At 18 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...



Great pictures! Well done!

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Jo said...

What a great trunk story, Tink. I've always wanted one of those vintage trunks that have cubby drawers in them.

You're beautiful--your skin in that photo is so porcelain...and you look so melancholy I think I would fix your tire. Love the naughty bunnies! I couldn't eat them after that though.

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Newt said...

Girl, you are gorgeous. And your photographs were amazing as always. Oh, and the picture of the "Cape" cracked me up!

Mine are up!

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger Chelle Y. said...

That picture of the bunnies is so funny. You are just too creative!

At 18 March, 2008, Blogger mamatulip said...

I love your pictures.

At 19 March, 2008, Blogger meno said...

Twisted Hibiscus sounds like a band name.

I love that B&W picture of you.

At 19 March, 2008, Blogger Hilary said...

I absolutely love how you eyes reflect your displeasure.. excellent self-portrait. And as always, terrific shots all around.

At 19 March, 2008, Blogger Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I've always wanted a trunk like that--what a cool thing. My take faithfully posted, a day late as usual.

At 19 March, 2008, Blogger Christy said...

Don't forget us when Neutrogena recruits you for their next perfect skin campaign.

At 19 March, 2008, Blogger Doc said...

I absolutly LOVE the humping Peeps !! HA!

At 19 March, 2008, Blogger The Mountain Cat said...

ah serene flower. *sigh*

At 19 March, 2008, Blogger Chris Cactus said...

I always wondered how peeps reproduced. Great self portrait too, as usual.

At 19 March, 2008, Blogger Me said...

Love the domestic dispute.

At 20 March, 2008, Blogger Jay said...

Yeah, I was all over the hooker sticker too. Not a gift from the grandparents, I take it?

At 20 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not the week I want to discuss how old I was when Nickelodeon started the whole "salute your shorts" thing. Sometime two weeks from now. But not now. It's just...too...depressing. You, on the other hand, look marvelous.

At 20 March, 2008, Blogger Freakazojd said...

Ok, the cape is hilarious, the pic of you by the roadside is GORGEOUS and I love the twisted flower. And the fowl play, but I already said that somewhere else, wink wink.
Also, your grandparents got you an "I Love my Hooker" sticker for your trunk?! That's fucking awesome!! :)

At 20 March, 2008, Blogger Kelley said...

The cape was worth the wait. LMAO!

Was the second graffiti Amy Winehouse and a motorcycle??

At 20 March, 2008, Blogger Tequila Mockingbird said...

ohhhhh how i miss seeing hibiscus flowers everywhere! when i was a kid, id smell them and get the orange pollen all over my nose.
siiiighs i miss fla.

At 20 March, 2008, Blogger Suzanne said...

I want to play.
How many pics can you put up for each? one for each word, or a combo??
I am such a newbie. embarassing.

At 23 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful twisted flower!
I'll have both weeks up on Tuesday...


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