Friday, March 07, 2008

Farvel February

Shit. Did you all know it's MARCH already?

February Hit Statistics:
1. The primary day for hits was Thursday.
2. The most popular hour being 3pm.
3. The top referrer was Joel by a landslide (324 clicks).
4. The most used search term was, "slang for intercourse".
5. My favorite search terms were "men can poop," and "coffee iv please".
6. The highest hit post (543) was on February 14th, the day Hoop left on his all-dude
camping trip.

29 Quirks For 29 Days:
1. I love little items of mystery...
2. ...lock-less keys and unmatched silverware...
3. ...buttons without shirts and pretty bottle caps.
4. These treasures quickly turn into stories or artwork in my head.
5. I'd be a pack rat if I didn't watch myself.
6. When Hoop stumbles on a word that cracks me up, he finds a reason to use it during every conversation.
7. Like "ginger", or "burple", or "smushie". All three send me into a fit of giggles I can't help or explain.
8. I would rather be a little crazy than a little boring.
9. Growing up, I had a best friend who was adopted. Her siblings were ten, fifteen, and eighteen years older than her. I always thought it odd that her adoptive parents waited so long.
10. Then her Mother explained it to me one day, in front of the rest of the girl's family. Before they'd adopted my friend, they'd seriously considered buying a monkey. When they couldn't find a monkey, they settled on a baby instead.
11. It's been ten years and I still haven't gotten over my own mortification. My friend, on the other hand, acted as if it were no big deal!
12. Rotten food grosses me out more than bodily functions.
13. I have never driven in snow.
14. It's been six and a half months since I quit smoking...
15. ...but I fantasize about it every day.
16. Life would be so much better if it had a soundtrack.
17. If it did, do you think they'd make us pay by the song?
18. I've always thought orange a rather unloved color.
19. Blue is the obvious choice for most popular.
20. I often wonder if there are colors we can't see.
21. And if we can't see them, can we even imagine what they look like?
22. My dream job would be in a zoo.
23. Not like, in the food court, but actually handling animals.
24. Too bad I have absolutely no experience with that sort of thing.
25. Unless you count taming a demon dog into a civilized pet. But he was all of fifteen pounds at the time, hardly a lion.
26. I can be talked into just about anything after a good foot rub.
27. After reading a book, I usually have to give myself a day to let the characters in my head go to rest.
28. Otherwise they mingle with the next book's characters, creating bizarre storylines in my mind.
29. I've been known to fall in love with a person's voice.
*30. Only to fall out of love with their face.
*31. I put garlic in EVERYTHING but sweets.
*32. I would love to go play in the rain...
*33. ...without the repercussion of getting wet.

Not Far From The Tree:
Mom: Aren't you excited we're going to Sea World tomorrow?
Lil Bit: Oh yeah.
Mom: When's the last time you were there?
Lil Bit: Um, I've NEVER been there.
Mom: What? Are you sure?
Lil Bit: Uh-huh.
Mom: Didn't we take you-
Lil Bit: Nope.
Mom: Really?!
Lil Bit: No. You've never taken me to Sea World, Mom.
Mom: Wow, sweetie. I'm so sorry!
Lil Bit: Yeah, it's OK. I'm just the third child.

Have a fantastic weekend Homebloys!

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At 07 March, 2008, Anonymous susan said...

Poor Lil least they didn't settle for him instead of a monkey.

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

Woe, Lil Bit!

I've done that voice/face thing before... *sigh* And DJs - isn't it shocking that they virtually never look like we expect they should based on their voices?!?

At 07 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kept wanting to break out into a chorus of "My favorite things" while reading about buttons and lockless keys. ( Nice word btw ) but I was too busy thinking of foot rubbing to actually break out in song. Maybe Hoop can wear his Viking hat and rub your feet and sing it to you.


At 07 March, 2008, Blogger Jay said...

Should we get a monkey or a baby? Hmm .. tough choice? WTF?

"27. After reading a book, I usually have to give myself a day to let the characters in my head go to rest."

I do the same thing. Also with movies. A day or so after seeing a movie I start to analyze it.

Even I've been to Sea World. Sure I was ten and that was 30 years ago, but I've been. ;-)

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger R.E.H. said...

Sea World is awesome!

Baby instead of monkey... how come that seems such an obvious choice?

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger fiwa said...

Burple! teeehee...

I love that one, but I can't figure out how to work it into conversation.

I love the end of the month posts - the quirks crack me up.

have a good weekend!

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger meno said...

As a third child myself, i can relate to lil bit.

I'm proud of you for quitting smoking.

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger Pamer said...

Number 13. In the past 5 months I haven't NOT driven in snow. "oh Canada...."

number 26. ::footrubfootrubfootrub:: wanna go for a drive in the snow????

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger gr said...

yeah, rotten food..ick...
and YES, the weather in the northeast stinks

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger Mona Buonanotte said...

Baby or monkey? Bwahahaha!

Hey, it's been, like, 13 years since I stopped smoking and I STILL fantasize about it. Oh the creamy smoky addiction....

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger Sparkling Red said...

7. I would like to welcome "burple" to the English language. Is it like, a combination sound and colour descriptor? I can't think of anything that might be purple and burpy simultaneously except a very cute little monster that just ate too many cupcakes.

8. Amen to that!

20. and 21. I wonder that too. I want to be able to see like bees, into the ultraviolet range.

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger Alli said...

I'm the third child, too.

Maybe you should volunteer at a zoo???

Working in a zoo is pretty freakin cool. I had so much fun when I did. :)

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger Gordo said...

NEVER driven in snow! C'mon up, Tink! 40-50cm (16-20 inches) are on the way! :-)

At 07 March, 2008, Blogger No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

it's been 11 months, 1 week and a few days since I quit smoking...and I still say "oh, yeah, we need cigarettes" every day as we pass the tobacco store on the way home.

At 08 March, 2008, Blogger janet said...

susan stole my comment. boo hiss.

At 08 March, 2008, Blogger mamatulip said...

Orange is my favourite colour. It always has been. Do you know how much slack I've gotten for that over the years?

Seriously, people. It's a COLOUR.

At 08 March, 2008, Blogger furiousBall said...

if it makes lil bit feel better, she didn't take me to Sea World either. but my mom and dad did take me to Sea World, because my parents love me.

At 08 March, 2008, Blogger Cat Herder said...

My girlfriend got married in orange Converse high-tops. Sweet.

At 08 March, 2008, Blogger Farmer*swife said...

I thought I had commented here. Apparently, not. Uh-Oh, maybe I posted my comment to you on someone elses blog -- hmmm, that probably didn't make much sense to them then.

And now? I forgot what I was going to comment on. I have a 4 1/2 year old talking my head off so I am finding it hard to think.

I think I was gonna' say funny blog...or something.

At 08 March, 2008, Blogger Jo said...

I love your quirks! "Smushie" is funny...I actually used that the other day to describe why I need to go to the gym. And the colors! I just posted about that last week...there are colors some people see & others don't, and many we can't see but they're there. When I think about that too much I end up looking at everything as though I have xray vision. Garlic is wonderful.

At 08 March, 2008, Blogger LL said...

Yes Tinkie... you really should remedy that driving in snow situation...

Given the right circumstances, it's a helluva lot of fun...

As for the rest... 543 hits in a day!?!?! Sweet Josaphina...

At 10 March, 2008, Blogger Peggy said...

When did your family go to Sea World? Didn't you and Hoop go?

At 10 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sea WOrld kicks ass. YOu are the 3rd child, you are supposed to be spoiled rotten. What happened/!?

At 10 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Blue who loves an Orange. I never knew anyone else who loved orange. With each pregnancy, people would ask what he wanted (boy or girl?) and he would reply "a puppy." Since I wasn't up for pet ownership at the time, I just kept popping out boys. We lovingly refer to them as pups and tell them to "kennel up" when it is time to get in the minivan. (After 4 of them, I think I'm nearly ready for a real dog, lol)
Oh, and we're both the 3rd child. Do you think that has anything to do with it?

At 10 March, 2008, Anonymous a. beaverhausen said...

I'm so glad to hear that there is another "unmatched silver" fan out there. Our flatware pattern is discontinued and pieces of it sell for many times their value on the internet. So...I hit the flea markets and antique stores looking for other stuff. I absolutely love unmatched eating utensils. If you can get it with Bakelite handles that's even better.

At 10 March, 2008, Blogger Newt said...

Ha ha ha - love the "Not far from the tree" too funny. Great post. I love your random lists. LOVE them.

At 10 March, 2008, Blogger captain corky said...

14. It's been six and a half months since I quit smoking...
15. ...but I fantasize about it every day.

Tobacco addiction is a deadly beast! And that's one to grow on. ;)

At 10 March, 2008, Blogger Christy said...

Wow, hardly anyone actually reads my site. I shouldn't even bother with all the work I put into it. It's actually quite depressing. Lol.


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