Monday, February 27, 2006

Fat Tuesday

Welcome to the Carnival season, the day of Mardi Gras! I'm sitting in my cube with a multicolored tiara on my head, chunky beads around my neck, and a bracelet of ribbons around my wrist. The only thing missing is the drink in my hand. Here are some interesting Mardi Gras facts to help start the holiday along.

Q. What does Mardi Gras mean?
A. Mardi Gras translates to "Fat Tuesday" in French. Traditionally, it's the last day for Catholics to indulge, before Ash Wednesday starts the sober weeks of fasting that come with Lent. A lot of people believe that Mardi Gras started as a pagan or Roman holiday.

Q. What do the colors (Purple, Green, and Gold) symbolize?
A. Purple= Justice. Green= Faith. Gold= Power.

Q. Why do they throw things from the floats?
A. Throwing things from the floats began sporadically in the 1800's. They began as bon bons and other simple treats. People in the crowd would sometimes throw back bags of flour that would explode on the float or the people riding in them. This is illegal today. Throws eventually evolved from candy to whistles, beads, cups, and doubloons.

Q. What is the most prized "Throw?"
Zulu Coconuts.

Daily Hoop Conversation:
(While at grocery store)
Hoop: Ugh.
Tink: What?
Hoop: Cow tail.
Tink: Did you want that for dinner tomorrow?
Hoop: Are you crazy? I'm not eating anything's poop shoot!

Daily Hoop Conversation 2:
Hoop: Take a bite of this ice cream.
Tink: No thank you. I'm fine.
Hoop: *Pouts* Please?
Tink: *Sweetly* No.
Hoop: *Pouts* Please?
Tink: *Sweetly* No.
Hoop: *Pouts* Please?
Tink: NO!
Hoop: Wow. So I guess the honeymoon period is over then huh?

Daily Hoop Conversation 3:
Tink: I saw a preview for a show that you're going to love.
Hoop: Oh yeah?
Tink: It's like American Idol, only for inventors.
Hoop: That sounds cool. So, how do they eliminate each other?
Tink: I have no idea.
Hoop: Maybe they have to keep inventing new things?
Tink: That would be kind of tricky.
Hoop: Or maybe they have to destroy the competition? That would be what my invention did.
Tink: Your invention would be something that destroyed the other inventions?
Hoop: Yeah, I'd call it my "Winning Machine."


At 28 February, 2006, Blogger mE said...

Your invention obviously Rules!

I want a loverly bunch of coconuts...


(PS... the wolf is very intriguing, can't wait to find out what happens next!)

At 28 February, 2006, Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

Call and get Hoop on that show!! I have seen the commercials and I think he Winning Machine would be awesome.

My kids birth stones are purple, green and (topaz) gold. My youngest was born a Cajun (Lafayette, LA) thats why is such a stinker. You should have seen all the crawfish I consumed whilst preggo!!

At 28 February, 2006, Blogger EE said...

I love conversation w/ Hoop #3, hilarious. LOL

At 28 February, 2006, Blogger Mary said...

My winning machine--that's great!! the best machine ever I'd bet!

At 28 February, 2006, Blogger Arabella said...

I never knew about the coconuts! Cool. Thanks for edumacating me. :)

At 28 February, 2006, Blogger mama_tulip said...

"I'm not eating anything's poop shoot."

That's classic. Like, bumper sticker material.

At 28 February, 2006, Blogger Chris said...

Hee hee - um, Hoop? Poop doesn't come out of a cow's tail... :)

At 28 February, 2006, Blogger mamalujo1 said...

A girl can only be pushed so far. Tink, this is very interesting:

At 28 February, 2006, Anonymous TB said...

I heart Hoop.

At 28 February, 2006, Blogger Jess Riley said...

I love your Hoop conversations. They remind me of the old George Burns & Gracie Allen routines. :)

At 28 February, 2006, Blogger The Queen Mama said...

Mmmmm...we had gumbo at BIL & SIL's house tonight. They make a mean gumbo. And bananas foster.

Happy Mardi Gras!

At 01 March, 2006, Blogger R. Robyn said...

Your conversations with Hoop are starting to eerily resemble conversations with Joey....which I guess means we are both lucky, or both unlucky....

At 01 March, 2006, Blogger The Gradual Gardener said...

It's illegal to throw bags of flour at a float. I'll have to remember that, in case I ever get the urge.

Did you know that in Florida it's illegal to have sexual relations with a porcupine? Just thought I should let you know, in case you ever, um, get the urge...


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