Friday, May 12, 2006

Another Week Bites The Dust

When I first met Hoop he used to tell me, "I find something new to love about you everyday." And because we weren't quite at the "I love you" stage yet, I would smile and answer, "M'baby." Funny how it's OK to say you love some characteristic about a person when it's still too soon to say you love them personally. Hoop and I have grown out of that dance. When love is new, you feel the need to validate and classify it. And then (eventually) it becomes immeasurable.

So it's odd that seven months ago, for whatever reason, I started a list. It was a list I added to each and every day. A list of new things I loved about Hoop. And it grew. I thought I'd run out of things to add, or feel childish. But I didn't. There are 204 things on that list today. I didn't realize how large it had gotten! On the days when Hoop and I fight or things at work just won't go right, adding something to the list FORCES me to be grateful. It reminds me how fortunate I am.

10/28/05 That you're just as much of a closet klutz as I am.
11/07/05 That we're probably going to OD on coconut shrimp together.
11/11/05 How your tongue peeks out every time you make a difficult pool shot.
11/24/05 When you carry me to bed
12/04/05 Car dancing with you
12/20/05 How hard you laugh when I "Smushie Face" you.
12/31/05 The way you make sandwiches out of everything.
01/18/06 Sleep conversations
01/22/06 The fact that we moved everything all by our-fucking-selves!
02/08/06 Fighting to see who can pull the clothes from the washing machine first.
02/14/06 That you'd die with me if I ever had to take a mission to Machine City. ;)
03/06/06 That you get me.
03/14/06 The way you lay into a buffet.
04/14/06 How much you love cheese.
04/29/06 When you cheat for me at Putt-Putt
05/10/06 That you don't think I'm weak for crying.

Courtesy of Odd Mix:

In celebration of Mother's Day, this weekends words are...


So get snapping!

Daily Hoop Conversation:
(While watching
Hoop: I bet most American's really love this movie.
Tink: Why do you say that?
Hoop: Because it all boils down to a good ole' American cowboy shooting up Iraqis.
Tink: Holy shit. You're right. I didn't even think about it that way!
Hoop: I mean, did Bush himself write this?
Tink: *Makes face*
Hoop: OK, so NOT Bush... But maybe the people he pays to think for him.

Daily Hoop Conversation 2:
Tink: You know what I was thinking about during that test last night?
Hoop: What?
Tink: You in a Tarzan outfit.
Hoop: That's cool. But I'd much rather be Robocop.
Tink: ... How the hell is that sexy?
Hoop: *Shrugs* That's just who I'd rather be.
Tink: Oh, I can picture it now. *Makes motorized sounds* "Commence to having an erection. Activate thrusting movements, now." Ugh.

Daily Hoop Conversation 3:
Hoop: I love you.
Tink: And I love you.
Hoop: How come you never say, "too?"
Tink: Hmm. I don't know. I guess I just thought it was implied. I mean, if I'm saying it back then obviously I love you too.
Hoop: Oh.
Tink: Well if it makes you feel better... I love you TOO, Hoop.
Hoop: I love you more.
Tink: And I love you more too.
Hoop: ...

Twisted Tink has been updated with a new chapter, "Misjudgment." Pour yourself some java and click on over, the entertainment's free.

Have a spectacular weekend!


At 12 May, 2006, Blogger mama_tulip said...

I love your list, and your Robocop convo. LMAO.

At 12 May, 2006, Blogger Mignon said...

I thought Robocop was kind of sexy. All hard and metally and stuff.

I love your list too, by the way, although am confused about pulling clothes from the washing machine... Hoop doesn't think his clothes are cleaned by magic? What a guy!

At 12 May, 2006, Blogger Tink said...

Mignon: It's not what you think... In our house, whoever swaps the loads doesn't have to fold the laundry. Hoop usually gets screwed on the deal because he forgets that clothes don't repel dirt. So when I start pulling out the hampers he tries to beat me to the punch. He's such a shmuck. ;)

At 12 May, 2006, Anonymous TB said...

I love your list. What a great idea. You are wise beyond your years my girl.

At 12 May, 2006, Blogger EE said...

Awww, what a good idea that was to start your list. I wished I'd done that 15yrs

LMAO at the whole Robocop thing.

At 12 May, 2006, Blogger graymama said...

I am starting a Hubby list today!

About "I love you" coversations: Hubby often grabs my ass followed by me saying "stop it, you are turning me on." Hubby says, " You know you love it." I always reply, "No, I love you."

At 12 May, 2006, Blogger Chris said...

Should I ever date again, I will have to make such a list! Brilliant.

And great Hoop conversations!

At 12 May, 2006, Blogger Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

That is the sweetest thing I have ever read.


At 12 May, 2006, Blogger Alien said...

Awwww! LOVE your list! On mine and Steve's first Valentine's Day together, I made a big long list of 100 things I loved about him and gave it to him. It was oh-so-sweet. However, it's 7 years later and tonight, I would seriously like to rip the bastard's dick off, but that's neither here nor there... LOL!

Seriously... it's a wonderful list. Hell, you made ME love Hoop. Where do you live again?... ;)

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger FA said...

I love the list. What a great idea. Even better that you keep adding to it.

I'm gonna have to side with Hoop on the RoboCop think. A man just can't feel cool in a Tarzan outfit...and having to yell like that while swinging on a vine. I just don't see it. :)


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