Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Overload

I accidentally put "Overlord" at first. Hmmm.

Weekend Downer: Heartbreak is finding the house of your dreams and then being told it was put on contract the day before. The house hadn't even been on the market three days. I thought for sure it would last at least one weekend. As we left, Hoop and I stared at each other miserably. I kept blinking so I wouldn't cry. The real estate agent hurried us along. I think she was nervous at the sudden loss of momentum our search had taken. I just wanted to go home.

The Upside: After dinner at my parents' house last night, Mom armed the family with orange tape and tennis shoes. This week they're having land cleared in preparation for horses. Mom wanted to mark some trees before they started demolition and requested everyone's help. "Now you know how to tell a good tree from a bad one right?" She asked me. "Not really, no." "The good trees are the ones with the birds nests in them. Just don't tell Papa Bear I said so." My Mom has a heart of GOLD.

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My Mom's attempt to save some nests.

Daily Hoop Conversation:
Tink: Mom really wants to buy the horse across the street. The only problem is, it's two years old and never been broken.
Hoop: That should be easy to do though. Don't you just break a bottle of water over it's head?
Tink: What?!
Hoop: Yeah. The water makes them think they're bleeding.
Tink: *Sobs with laughter* Tell me you're joking!
Hoop: I'm serious. Someone told me their foreheads are so hard it doesn't hurt them.
Tink: Would it hurt you if I broke a bottle of water on your head?
Hoop: Not if you did it just right.
Tink: Whatever you do, don't mention this theory to my parents, alright?
Hoop: Oh-Kay... But you're going to feel pretty foolish when you find out I'm right.

Today's Spam Mail:
Low Key LSD from Linda Coleman
Fetal Junction from Viola Summers
Expertise Buttress from May Ruiz

Hoop Quote of the Day:
"Chili cheese dogs are like crack."

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(Who isn't even here to enjoy it)

I AM a wealth of useless information.
I WANT to feed the models of the world.
I WISH I could find a home worthy of my attention.
I MISS the dart board 90% of the time.
I HEAR too much private information.
I WONDER where I'll be in five years.
I REGRET not inventing "Cheese Whiz" first.
I AM NOT the most relaxed person.
I DANCE in the car, at the bar, in the hall, and while making cookies.
I AM NOT ALWAYS on time. Ok, hardly ever.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS signs that stand for words.
I WRITE everything and anything down.
I CONFUSE my foot for food on occasion.
I NEED a free vacation.
I SHOULD try harder to be more.
I START each morning by stubbing my toe on the bed frame.
I FINISH Hoop's sentences with shit that doesn't make sense.
Newt, FA, EE, Rude Cactus, and anyone else daring enough to try.


At 15 May, 2006, Blogger mamalujo1 said...

Ask your agent about putting down a contingency contract on that house you liked so well. If the first one falls through you'll be next in line. Good luck.

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger mama_tulip said...

I'm so sorry about the house; hopefully it means there's something better out there for you. When we were looking, we found what we thought was the house of our dreams, put an offer in and got bumped. I was devastated. Then we found this house, which really is perfect for us. I thought when we got bumped it was the worst thing ever but we'd never have gotten this house if we'd taken the other.

I love your photos, especially Wonder. And I love your mom's attempt at saving nests. Did it work?

I am LMAO at Hoop wanting to break a bottle of water over the horse's head, and at "Low Key LSD". Um, yeah.

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger Mignon said...

My father-in-law said the only way to get a horse to quit biting is to hit it between the eyes with a two-by-four. I think he meant the only way to get a horse to quit breathing.

Sorry about the house! That's happened to me too, but it just made us raise our standards and ultimately end up with something better than we would have otherwise - you know? After that it was always, Yeah, it's nice but the place on Taggart had a fireplace...

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger Tink said...

Mamalujo1: Great advice! That's exactly what I'm doing. I keep telling myself if it's meant to be it'll be. I swear, I'm too young to be having nervous breakdowns.

Mama T: That gives me hope about finding a house. It's so easy to get discouraged.

They're doing the clearing at my parent's house today. We saved as many nests as we could find. I'm hoping it's late enough in the season that the babies are grown and gone.

Mignon: Men and violence. I'm still baffled. And Hoop was SERIOUS! I hope he has better ideas for raising kids. ;)

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger Jay said...

I have NEVER heard of breaking a bottle of water over a horse's head. That is hilarious. I'll I have to look that one up in the internets and see if anyone does that. haha

"Low key LSD"? I guess it's kinda like LSD Lite? or Diet LSD?

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger Chelle Y. said...

Sorry about the house. I know that feeling. That means there is just a better one out there for you! :o)

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger Chris said...

:( about the house...

Your photos are great - and I love your mom's theory of good trees! That would've made my forestry final so much easier!!

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger Brooke said...

So sorry to hear about the disappointment, but there'll be another...I've been there...I promise!

And your mom is the SWEETEST!

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger FA said...

Sorry about the house thing. We had the same scenario happen about 4 years ago. The cool thing is we found a better house not 2 months after losing the first one. I'm sure you guys are right on the cusp of finding your true dream home!

I called downstairs to the resident horse expert to ask about the bottle breaking thing. Her answer was "huh? What are you talking about? What are you reading?"

Final note (aka unsolicited advice): As a professional tree knocker-downer I recommend your mom try to keep the heavy equipment away from the drip line of the trees she wants to save. They tend not to respond very well when people drive over their roots.

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger Freakazojd said...

Ooo, I love your photos! I particularly liked the one you took for "Wonder." Bravo to your mom for wanting to save the baby birds!! :) And good luck with continued house hunting - I know it can be daunting, but I agree with the others that if this one doesn't work out you'll find something comparable or even better.
Great blog!

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger Sue said...

beautiful beach shot--- nice light

At 15 May, 2006, Blogger eric said...

yes, those are the good trees.

AND the ones kids can climb easily.


At 16 May, 2006, Blogger Jess Riley said...

Bummer about the house!!! Try that contingency clause, though. And I'm putting out positive vibes that you find another promising possibility.

Your mom is wonderful! That anecdote made me tear up a little.

At 16 May, 2006, Blogger Rock said...

Here's the deal about houses - you need to work your ass off to find the RIGHT one. You will not just loll around and find it (well you might) but it takes a campaign and then the one you want will fall into your hands.

It happened to me - in big expensive LA. And I had Deborah working ans she was like "I like the house we are renting" and I was like "b ut we have to buy NOW"!

And it happened - after 8 months of looking. I'm serious - we have found our perfect house and we love updating it - don't let one downer cloud you - there are so many other better opportunities out there!

At 16 May, 2006, Blogger EE said...

Ohhh, I'm so sorry about the house. That sucks. :(

As a horse lover and owner, what in the HELL was Hoop thinking??!?! LMAO! Your mom is so incredibly sweet. *awww*

Pictures were FANTASTIC!

Love the tag. I'll get working on that, prolly post it tomorrow! :)

At 16 May, 2006, Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

Just when I think Hoop doesn't shit from shinola (breaking a water bottle over a horse's head, WTF??) he goes and says something so brilliant - Chili cheese dogs are like crack!! Totally!!!

At 16 May, 2006, Blogger Tink said...

Jay: LOL. "LSD Lite? or Diet LSD?" The only thing it's missing is a catchy jingle.

FA: I could have told you WITHOUT the expert that Hoop had no idea what he was talking about. But you get 10 brownie points for being gutsy enough to ask for me. :)

Thanks for the link (and advice)! I forwarded it to Mom. Although I don't know how much good it'll do. In the area of Florida we live in the trees are all tall and skinny or large, twisted, and practically bare of leaves. I really miss northern trees.

WWC Contestants: Thanks for the compliments! The "Wonder" picture was taken on Saturday night during the full moon. I used absolutely no flash. It's all natural.

Deb: Don't let him fool you girl. Hoop still doesn't know shit from shinola. ;)

Thank you all for being so supportive about my house hunt. I felt much more reassured yesterday after reading all your comments!

At 16 May, 2006, Blogger Arabella said...

Sorry to hear about the house. Happy to hear about the horses! So cool!

At 16 May, 2006, Blogger Jay said...

Sorry about the house, but I suppose it just means than a better one is out there waiting to be discovered by you. Maybe you should bring your mother and her orange tape along for assistance.

At 16 May, 2006, Anonymous TB said...

That sucks about the house Tink. Mamalujo is right though, it's worth a try. But I believe if there's one good house out there, you will find another one -the one that's perfect for you.

Uh, Hoop, I don't think you would make a very good horse whisperer.

At 20 May, 2006, Blogger Odd Mix said...

The "Wonder" photo is just gorgeous.


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