Thursday, September 13, 2007

Better Than The Dog's Balls

Sunshine, the Queen of all things sparkly (including thongs!), passed out awards on Tuesday morning. Don't get too close. You might get a hairball.

This is the closest thing I'll ever have to a cat, since Hoop is allergic. But the next time he pisses me off, I'm going to rub this bad boy all over myself and then hug him.

Daily Hoop Conversation:
Tink: Quit grabbing my boobs!
Hoop: Why?
Tink: Because they're my boobs!
Hoop: No they're not. They're MY boobs.
Tink: Fine. You can have one boob.
Hoop: Just one?
Tink: Do you want the right or the left?
Hoop: Um... The left.
Tink: That settled?
Hoop: *Fondles boob* Uh-huh.

Hoop Quote Of The Day:
I don't have to take this. I'm going to go play with my boob.

Daily Hoop Conversation 2:
Tink: So have you named it yet?
Hoop: Named what?
Tink: Your boob.
Hoop: No, I guess I haven't thought about it.
Tink: Well you should.
Hoop: How about... Floppy.
Tink: *blink*
Hoop: Jiggly?

Spam Subjects:
(In the order I received them)
Careful, you're being watched By who?
From the desk of Mr Cabiru Bello That dirty bastard.
This one exploded on the scene today
What?! Oh wait. Nevermind.
Sheesh man, what were you thinkin I thought you said he exploded on his screen today. EW.

Tomorrow: If work doesn't bury me further, the last revised chapter for
Twisted (Tink) before the new ones start up again.

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At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Chelle Y. said...

Floppy? Now, that's a name no one wants to hear about their boob! :)

The one thing about not having any is that you never have to worry about them becoming floppy! That is me! Haha!

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Moi said...

I say you also name his left nut. How about Saggy?

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger HAR said...

My Boobs are called Thelma and Louise. A fellow blogger named them on my blog.

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Newt said...

I'm with Moi, I think you need to name his left nut.

And thank you very much, I choked on ham sandwich. I think this needs to go on the "Classic" list of conversations with Hoop.

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Chris said...

Congrats on your award!! Hee hee... Um, no gold star for your first naming attempt, Hoop!

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Hilary said...

Floppy? Thelma and Louise? It would seem that boob-naming is sweeping the blogosphere... a sort of Boobonic Plague.

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger mrspao said...

Floppy? I think he needs his eyes checked.

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger furiousBall said...

I think it would be weirder if he named it Frank.

At 13 September, 2007, Anonymous susan said...

Hoop...::shaking head sadly::: She can still take it back away from you...Floppy? sigh...

I'm cracking up about the boobonic plague.

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Mary said...

floppy. nice. *shaking head* silly hoop.

next time hoop is mean, I'll email you my cat who's name happens to be lil fucker. he'll rub on hoops leg, then attack his foot. teach hoop a lesson.

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger nvisiblewmn said...

You're funny.

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Christy said...

Best "Hoop Quote of the Day" ever!

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Jay said...

floppy? *snort* .. Nice try Hoop. How bout "Perky" or "Bouncy"

I'm allergic to cats too. That's probably why they love me so much.

At 13 September, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if my wife leaves me do I get one of her boobs in the settlement?

I still don't get the cat thing ... does this mean people need to lick my butt?


At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Pamer said...

you're giving away boobs now??? So generous

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

Take your boob back! Floppy is quite insulting. Unless you name his penis Twig.

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Lefty said...

I'm not sure being named the "Cat's Ass" is a good thing.

And that whole boob thing is a little too weird, even for me. I was against giving names to our children, thought it would make them uppity.

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Scottsdale Girl said...

The Price says:

" No, they are MY BOOBS you kust carry them around for me"

It pisses me off and makes me feel all warm at precisely the same moment.

At 13 September, 2007, Blogger Scottsdale Girl said...

wow. see how close "J" and "K" are on the keyboard? Yeah. Then...Add Bacardi.

At 13 September, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, does that mean that right boob is up for grabs?!?

At 14 September, 2007, Anonymous Turtle said...

OMG! That's a conversation Foo & I have had! ROFLMAO Mine are "The Girls." We share though, since I get to fondle his parts whenever I want.

Hoop, how could you even think to call it Floppy??? Shame on you! How would you like it if Tink called yours Tiny??? Touche.

At 14 September, 2007, Blogger CRUSTYBEEF said...

Hmmm...what about east and west? :)
This was hilarious.
Or you could call them Tinks east coast and tinks west coast...
TOo early in the morning, I know.

At 14 September, 2007, Blogger Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

I agree with the nut naming thing.

Tink, its time you dished it right back at 'em!

How about "Now" and "Later"?

At 14 September, 2007, Blogger Mike Y said...

Just be glad he's not volunteering to name your boobs ;) Uh... not that he'd get that wrong or anything.

At 14 September, 2007, Blogger Melanie said...

left boob.. wow, how are you going to ever leave the house when he has your left boob...

very concerned.

At 15 September, 2007, Anonymous pamalicious said...

Ok, now my husband loves Hoop. I am sittng here mystified as he jiggles my right boob, which I bequeathed to him awhile ago. Your convo with hoop was almost exactly the convo I had with Caun. Sad. I don't see him letting you have a ball.

At 15 September, 2007, Blogger meno said...

Some suggested nut names:

Mr. Wrinkly
Earl Grey


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