Monday, January 08, 2007

Row Of Ducks

Weekend Recap:
1. Saturday afternoon Hoop and I headed over to the hair cutters to get him a trim.
2. But he didn't recognize any of the stylists once we got there.

Tink: Is there someone else who works here?
Stylist: Nope, just us two.
Tink: *Turns to Hoop* It's not one of them?
Hoop: No.
Stylist: How long ago did you get your hair cut honey?
Hoop: About three weeks ago.
Stylist: Well that would have been Christine. She fell off the wagon and a wheel rolled over her head.
Tink and Hoop: *GASP*
Tink: That's awful!
Stylist: Well not for real. She went back to drinking, thought she could cut hair drunk is all.

3. She asked us if we wanted to make an appointment, but we were too busy laughing as we left.

Tink: I thought she meant she'd DIED!
Hoop: Me too! I was imagining some kind of freak hayride accident.
Tink: Right? Like what kind of wagon goes fast enough to kill someone?

4. Then we headed out to the mall for a little odd-and-end shopping. Only, Hoop still had a hair cut on his mind.
5. We waited TWO hours for the mall barbers to get him in.
6. Actually, Hoop waited two hours. I got fed up after an hour and a half and walked eight blocks to O'Charley's.
7. By the time I got there I was huffing, windblown, and sweaty.
8. Hoop arrived five minutes later in the car, and a fight ensued.
9. I think I might have called him a "prima donna."
10. The poor waiter assigned to our table avoided us like the plague. We tipped him VERY well.
11. Which made the tab very expensive, since Hoop didn't eat any of the food he ordered. He just flexed his jaw and stared off toward the bar.
12. Me? I ate like a pig.
13. Afterward, to show there were no hard feelings, Hoop and I went over to Nextel to get a joint phone account.
14. Something I'd promised myself I'd never ever do until I was married.

Tink: This is a huge step for me.
Hoop: I know babe.
Tink: You know what this means right?
Hoop: What's that?
Tink: You're stuck with me FOR-EV-ER.
Hoop: Or at least until our contract is up.
Tink: *Glares*

15. Later that night we saw
"Children Of Men, an apocalyptic type movie set in the near future. Imagine: No new babies have been born for 18 years, and the youngest human on Earth has just been killed. The world is torn by war, poverty, depression. Think of a life without the laughter of children. And then something miraculous happens.
16. The movie was very dark and graphic. Evidently the preservation of life will require a lot of death. Don't expect to leave the theater uplifted. But the movie itself was extremely well done and flowed perfectly. I was riveted the entire time.
17. One of the scenes I remember the most... People were lined up against a billboard that stated, "Avoiding Fertility Tests Is A CRIME."
18. Sunday morning we made the rounds with our Realtor.
19. The first six houses we looked at had the layouts of an apartment. The yards were so small, one old lady had trained her dog to pee on a mat in her bedroom. There simply wasn't enough room to walk him outside.
20. The next house was so bizarre I walked through it twice. It was built in the early 90's, but was filthy and rotting out as if it were decades older. There was tile in every room, including the garage and some outside. There were cheap chandeliers stuck in odd places and colonial columns holding up saggy walls. The hallway was covered in mirrors.
21. It was at about that point that I gave up hope for the day.
22. Until we happened across an open house...
23. It's in a beautiful neighborhood, with a large wooded yard, and only five minutes away from shopping and restaurants.
24. It needs a lot of TLC. Especially in its kitchen, which looks like it was decorated in the 70s-80s. But I think Hoop and I could have fun with it!
25. I've put in an offer and they've verbally accepted. Cross your fingers the inspection turns out OK.

Newt and I just uncovered an interesting tidbit about the house's previous owner/renter...
27. ...he was a felon.
28. Niiiice. But that shouldn't be any reason to worry, right?

Tink: So I looked up the address on Google-
Mom: Mmhm.
Tink: It appears there was a felon registered under that address in 2004.
Mom: Oh shit. You're going to change the locks right?
Tink: On top of getting a security system and a really big dog!

Courtesy of
Odd Mix:

I'm a little behind today. Look for "Mystery" and "Missing" pictures later on this week!

Daylit Moon

Blue Rope


Gas Station Altar

Nature's Beauty In An Onion

Tomorrow I'll post the "Master List" of backup blogger topics.

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At 08 January, 2007, Anonymous Boy J said...

Maybe its just me, but I know that if I bought a house from a felon (depending on the crime, naturally), I'd be using "remodeling" as an excuse for poking holes in the walls looking for stashed loot.

Congrats on finding a place!

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger Peggy said...

Ooooh!!! Fingers crossed for this house!

I LOVE that onion photo. Beauty can be found in the oddest places!

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger Mike Y said...

Too funny about the hair stylist. What's wrong with having someone cut hair while drunk? LOL!

And a fellon, huh? There's never a dull moment with you two ;)

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger Betty said...

Congratulations on finding a house! I hope everything works out for you.

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger Newt said...

Girl, you crack me up! Great photographs.

Hopefully you and Hoop had some stellar make-up sex too. That's always one good thing about a fight.

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger Jay said...

I refuse to wait more than 30 minutes for a haircut.

"Hoop: Or at least until our contract is up."

Wrong Fing answer there dude!

Hope the house works out. Sounds exciting. Can't wait to see all the renovation progress pics.

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger Tink said...

Boy J: With my luck it wouldn't be loot in walls, but bodies in the backyard. ;)

Peggy: My Mom was cutting it for a salad and was struck by its beauty. She paraded it around for ten minutes before finally cutting it up.

Mike Y: That might have been why she cut his hair so well the first time! Why ruin a good thing?

Betty: Thank you. Me too!

Newt: *Slaps forehead* I knew I was forgetting something. Do you think make-up sex could be just as good two days after the fight?

Jay: I can imagine the pictures now... "Tink with a mallet" "Tink destroying the wrong wall" I should probably buy some do-it-yourself books now hm?

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger Mignon said...

Wow, that's quite a weekend. I thought you were going to say "Afterward, to show there were no hard feelings, Hoop and I went over to Nextel and did it in the bathroom." But a joint phone account???? WHOA.

At 08 January, 2007, Anonymous mamatulip said...

Maybe there was something in the air this weekend...Dave and I were at each other's throats the entire time.

I wanted to see Children of Men until I read your review. Now I really wanna see it.

And Tink, hold me. I *gulp* called our realtor this morning and we're listing our house this month. He's coming over tomorrow night.

GOOD LUCK with the felon house! Oh, wait, did I just say that out loud? *Ahem*

Good luck with the house!!!!!!

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger meno said...

I think the last person to cut my hair was drunk. My bangs are crooked.

Oh yeah, that was me.

At 08 January, 2007, Anonymous wordigirl said...

Fingers crossed on your new house. legs and eyes. But I'll have to stop with the eyes unless I want them to stick.

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger Chelle Y. said...

I am tired, sick, and it's been a long day, but you managed to make me smile at your expense! :)

At 08 January, 2007, Anonymous Ch3ll3 said...

Felon, schmelon. You're not buying him, just the house. :)

Good luck! We're rootin' for ya!

BTW - lurve the blue rope and onion pics.

Um...word verification? What do you do when you're really pissed off? "ylfuuuc"... it looks like a text msg version of "yell fuuuck", doncha think?

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger Lucia said...

I love that gas station altar! (I'm VERY fond of this kind of ever-so-wonderful stuff!)

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger gawilli said...

Thinking good thoughts about your offer. Don't sweat the felon stuff!

Your pictures are always so cool. I kind of like the Daylit Moon - and the Gas Station Altar is very interesting. Particularly the choice of items.

At 08 January, 2007, Blogger Chris said...

Wow, what a weekend!! *fingers crossed* on the house!

And - when are you starting your art card line?! Your pictures would totally be perfect for a line of cards.

At 09 January, 2007, Blogger eric said...

so this woman cut his hair drunk and he wanted to go back? that chick is stout!

i plan on seeing children of men this week. sounds intriguing ...


At 09 January, 2007, Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

Was anyone killed in the house? That would freak me out.

Good luck!

At 09 January, 2007, Anonymous TB said...

Hahaha! The conversation about the phone is great, but what Hoop doesn't realize is that once they get you, your contract is NEVER up. He IS stuck with you forever.

And just like that you made an offer. That is freaking awesome. We, on the other hand have to deliberate, compare, contrast, weigh pros and cons... etc, etc ad nauseum and we still haven't found anything we would make an offer on.
Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures.

At 09 January, 2007, Blogger Gracey said...

I sure hope you have a much better time getting this house than your selling of your house before. We will keep our fingers crossed.

And, this may sound strange but that onion really is pretty. :)

At 09 January, 2007, Blogger Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

Congrats on the house find!! What's a little felony between friends, huh?? So the house has character. That's a good thing!

At 09 January, 2007, Anonymous snookie said...

B-E-A-UUUTiful pictures! can't wait to see your WWC!

At 09 January, 2007, Blogger Foo said...

I spent most of the first few years of Turtle's and my marriage going to chain salons with names like Pro Cuts and... aw hell, I've forgotton already. The point is that she finally convinced me to go to this old-fashioned barber shop in our little town.

Finally. Guys standing around, talking about sports and sporting hairdos that look like something off Conway Twitty. BUT... I get the same guy every time--his name is honest-to-God "Roy Rogers"--and he nails my cut every time. $15, no worries that I'm going to get butchered.

Surely a small drinking town with a fishing problem would have at least one shop like that?


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