Monday, February 12, 2007


Check out my new fairy shirt by Sunshine at Sunshine's Designs!

Don't stare too hard. You might blind yourself with my bling.

Big Bit, On The Fence

Tulip With Teeth

Open Wide!

Courtesy of
Odd Mix:

Hoop and I visited our new house this weekend... watch the popcorn ceilings come TUMBLING down.

Everything was covered in plastic, so picture taking was limited. What few shots I got came out grainy because of the low light, or blurry due to the glare off the plastic sheets. But you can still see what we're dealing with. The cabinets are next to go!

Daily Hoop Conversation:
Hoop: Do you know why Bush is pro-life?
Tink: Why?
Hoop: Because he's going to need a bigger army.

Daily Hoop Conversation 2:
Hoop: There's only one good thing about death.
Tink: What's that?
Hoop: You only have to go through it once with each person.

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At 12 February, 2007, Anonymous mamatulip said...


2. And so skinny. Damn you.

3. The shirt is AWESOME!

4. Your house is AWESOME!

5. You're making me want to get rid of our popcorn ceilings...they're all through our house and I HATE THEM.

6. Daily Hoop Convo #1 made me laugh out loud. I think he's right.

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger spellconjurer said...

I feel as if I haven't had warm, cuddly, soup for years, and then just snuggled up to a veritable soup/Tink buffet. I don't know which I liked better, the pics, the one of you, the Hoop convo's,,it's all just so SOUPYLICIOUS!!!!!!

At 12 February, 2007, Anonymous susan said...

I love everysingle thing about this. All those photos, from your adorable shirt with the even more adorable you, to the hungry tulip and first shots of your new home.

Hoop cracks me up...and he's so right!

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger Chris said...

Awesome t-shirt!!

Hee hee - Daily Hoop Conversation #1 is BRILLIANT.

Someday, someday I'll get rid of my popcorn ceilings...

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger mrspao said...

I'm 100% with Mama Tulip - you are one cute skinny girl with a gorgeous t-shirt and new house!

I'm sooo envious.

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger Jay said...

All the pics are great, but the tulip pics are REALLY great.

The house looks great too.

This comment brought to you by the word "great".

The first thing everybody does is get rid of those damn popcorn ceilings. I hate those too. Can't wait to see what all kinds of changes you make to the house.

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger Newt said...

First of all - your gorgeous!
2nd - so are all your pictures
3rd - darl'n if those counters are "bad" I so need to take pics of mine - you'll feel a BAZILLION times better. Trust me. Your house is beautiful.

Daily Hoop Conv's 1 & 2 *snort*

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger The Moody Chick said...

So nice to see some gorgeous flower shots while I gaze out my window into the dreary, misty rain.

Congrats on the house!

I've been meaning to comment here that you are in one of my 'Sorry' posts. Long story short, I comment that I imagine you as a little thing with attitude. Not in a bad way. As in 'That girl has got some serious attitude.' but in the best possible way as in 'Girl, i love your attitude!'. You know, the kind of attitude I want my own daughter to grow up having (even if I have to endure some rocky teenage years in the process...)
Anyways, hopefully that came through properly :)

Have a good one!

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger Peevish said...

Heeheheeeheeee - Hoop is spot on!

Your house looks great - more pics please!!

At 12 February, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

deep thoughts by Hoop. Nice.

Cute house, can't wait to see more pictures!

mary (I'm at work, so no logging in.)

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

Love the shirt and your cuteness!

Cute house and you are making it feel all brand new!

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger Mike Y said...

Cute T Tink!

And really nice house. When are we invited over for the house warming? Sorta serious ;)

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger Foo said...

Don't stare too hard. You might blind yourself with my bling.
Blinded by your sunny smile, more like.

Thanks for showing off the new digs. I'll look forward to seeing more shots as the work progresses!

At 12 February, 2007, Blogger EE said...

Where to begin?!!?!?

You are SO freaking CUTE!!! I really like your hair long like that. The shirt is super duper *cute*.

The house looks GREAT!

And that first Hoop Conversation....AWESOME!! LOLOLOLOL

At 12 February, 2007, Anonymous snookie said...

Aw, I love that shirt! I want one!

I also absolutely adore your new house! Congrats!

And the first Hoop Convo? It's so true. Good call, Hoop, good call.

At 13 February, 2007, Blogger Peggy said...

I'm glad you're getting the ceilings put right before you move in. If you leave it until later, it may never get done. We had something on our ceilings that used to pop balloons! Who would put that stuff up in the first place???

The cupboard doors aren't THAT bad. I love the outside of the new house. I would be spending all my time there, planting up flowers.

I wish I lived closer so I could give you a housewarming present.

At 13 February, 2007, Blogger jinx protocol said...

I'm happy for you, getting the house and all. And for the kick-ass shirt. It's pretty awesome. Good luck getting everything done with the house; that's always a big hassle. I dread moving this summer.

At 13 February, 2007, Blogger eric said...

that thing looks like a damn death trap.

the flower, not the house.

At 13 February, 2007, Anonymous wordgirl said...

A pox on you for being so pretty and...young. Popcorn ceilings are the devil.

At 13 February, 2007, Blogger Kell said...

Cute, cute, cute, cute! It's all cute!

And yeah to no popcorn ceilings. You're smart to that stuff now.

At 13 February, 2007, Blogger Gracey said...

I've been away for awhile so I didn't know about the house!! SO happy that it all worked out and your going to be moving in soon.

I love the definitely suits're too cute!

At 13 February, 2007, Blogger mjd said...

Your shirt is perfect. Hoop conversation is funny. I am glad things are moving along with your house.

At 13 February, 2007, Anonymous Patsy said...

I remember being young and skinny and cute once a long time ago! Flaunt it while you got it girl.

Hoop should be a comic oh wait he is!

Flowers are just beautiful, great shots of them!

At 13 February, 2007, Blogger graymama said...

The shirt IS cute, but not as cute and sweet as the girl wearing it :-)

Your house looks so nice and spacious. Great choice on your part!

Re: Converstaion #1

So true, so true!

At 14 February, 2007, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Great pictures, as always!

At 14 February, 2007, Anonymous TB said...

Niiice rack ;o)

Also, The house is going to be awesome! I see great potential for Hoop to practice his amazing landscaping skilz.


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