Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Guest Of Honor

(Post By Hoop)

Now I have my own holiday? Just for finding out my girlfriend has been secretly supporting our relationship to the world? I tink somebody loves me!!! It's a damn good thing too, because that somebody means everything to me. I wish I could have partook in the holiday festivities. But unfortunately, I was secluded in my little internetless world I like to call work. No but really, I hope you guys had fun. I'm sure ya'll enjoyed all your booze, strippers, and sandwiches. Damn I love sandwiches. My Grandma makes killer club sandwiches. I can make a sandwich out of anything. It's my special talent. Some of the best sandwiches are the classics like ham, peanut butter and banana, grilled cheese, and the old faithful pb&J.

I grew up on those, but then expanded my horizons to such sandwiches as egg salad, chicken salad, BLT's, and clubs. I also love tuna fish, roast beef, cubans, steak, chicken, baloney, or just plain ol' turky sandwiches. Throw some pepper jack on and I'm in heaven. As I got older, my love for sandwiches evolved even further. I started experimenting. Throwing a little mayonnaise on my peanut butter and bananas, tomato and mayonnaise, spam sandwiches, Eggo waffle sandwiches. I concocted sandwiches out of anything. One of my favorites was the triple decker with pb&J on the bottom, pb and bananas on the top.

Oh yeah, I forgot baby, nobody cares about those things but you.

Well I am getting tired, so I will say my goodbyes...

This one goes out to all of our (Tink's) fans. Thanks to everyone who supports us and Tink's Blog. You have been great.

(Back to Tink)

Don't forget, tomorrow is the Second Annual PB Contest!

The Contest: We're going to do this a little differently this year. If you would like to participate, the first part of the contest will start tomorrow at 9am (Eastern Time). I will post five questions. The first person to submit the correct answers to the comment section of tomorrow's post will be one of the four winners. The second set of questions will be posted at 1pm, the third set at 5pm, and the last set at midnight. I staggered the times so that everyone in all times zones would have an opportunity to play.

There'd be a set between 5 and midnight, but Hoop and I really want to go see the Simpsons movie. If plans change, a fifth set might unexpectedly pop up. :)

Da Rules: In the circumstance that no one gets all the answers right, the person with the most correct answers will win. If for some reason you can not comment on the blog (Blogger has been known to screw up) you can submit your answers to my email. You cannot win more than once. Cheating, if you are clever enough to find a way to, IS allowed. There is only one right answer to each question. But feel free to argue a point. I love a good debate. Winners will be announced as they come.

1. (Will involve you emailing me your mailing address) A mixed bag of surprise goodies.
2. Because it was so popular
last year, a personal post. Which means I will dedicate an entire post to you and things that make me think of you

Have fun!!

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At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Jay said...

Another PB Contest!!!!

I'm ready!

I think!

Maybe I should go to bed early tonight so I'll be rested and ready tomorrow.

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Newt said...

If you haven't yet tried it, Grilled cheese with Bacon. Oh man, as Homer would say
Bacon agggggggghhhhhhhhhh


At 26 July, 2007, Blogger fiwa said...

Hoop! You forgot fried balony, 'merican cheeze and mustard! I don't need to say "on white bread" do I?

Cool, I love games.

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger J said...

oooo, I'm with fiwa. If you take the fried balony, 'merican cheeze, and mustard, and slip a fried egg in there, you've got yourself a breakfast sandwich.
This is making me very hungry...

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Peevish said...

Hiiiiii Hoop!

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Chris said...

Hoop! Hoop! Hoop!

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Lefty said...

Hoopster: pb & honey is tops. I had it nearly every single day during 10th grade.

Make sure all the contest questions are about beer and/or baseball.

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger mamatulip said...

Hoop, dude, you know what kind of sandwiches I like the best? Triangle sandwiches. The ones that you get at like, baby showers and funerals. I can inhale about twenty of those bad boys. Triangle sandwiches fucking RULE.

I'm so excited about the PB contest. I know I won't even come close to getting in the running, but it's fun to play! Woot!

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Alex said...

Contests like this make me nervous. The pressure! But I really want a post all about me. Am self-important like that.

At 26 July, 2007, Anonymous gawilli said...

Hi Hoop!

We had bananas on buttered toast when I was a kid. I still like those sandwiches, but we tend to eat grilled cheese more than any other.

The Second Annual PB Contest looks like fun but I don't know that my memory is good enough for that. We'll see...

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Katie said...

I wonder what Pickled Beef & jelly would taste like. Alec is partial to baloney fried in a little worcestershire (is that the wierdest word or what?).

I love the PB contest but I really suck at it!

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Jess Riley said...

I love contests. And you've organized it in such a thoughtful manner!

You guys = one of my favorite couples.

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Pamer said...

try a sandwich made from leftover pancakes. I love those with turkey and cranberry sauce with a little mayo. Seriously it is a tasty treat!!

At 26 July, 2007, Anonymous susan said...

Eeewww you are all making me queasy!!! I'm not fond of sandwiches in the first place (don't throw anything at me!) but all those bizzare concoctions...

Did I say EWWWWWWWW???

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Orhan Kahn said...

Damn timezone differences. I'm already disqualified, since I will be asleep when this competition begins :(

No fair! I want my refund.

At 26 July, 2007, Blogger Tink said...

Orhan: There are actually four (maybe five) separate contests. One of them is at midnight my time. Surely you'll be able to make one of them. They span over twelve hours!

At 27 July, 2007, Blogger Orhan Kahn said...

See, even when I try I miss out.


5mins to midnight here, ftl.

Can't win them all ;)

Awesome idea, nonetheless. Good luck to all who can compete ;)

At 27 July, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am totally in love with Hoop now. I would trade husbands in a heart beat. I love a man that will eat all those sandwiches! I could feed him a different sandwich everyday of the week and never have to cook anything! I get so stressed out about what's for dinner I need to take a nerve pill. There's no pleasing this man of mine!

Been missing you Tink. I have to catch up!


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