Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is Mah Birfday!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! The number of comments I got on Facebook was a bit staggering. A couple of members of my family-in-law recently "friended" me on there. They don't know I have a blog. I'm sure they're wondering how in the hell I know so many people. They probably think I'm a whore. I'm just kidding! They probably think I'm the Antichrist. For a birthday I wasn't all that excited about, I sure got spoiled.

My parents got me the "Little Big Planet" game and a grown-up watch. It doesn't even have numbers on it... OR cartoon characters! LBP (I'm using abbreviations cause I'm cool, not lazy, okay?) is quite possibly the most addictive video game I've ever played. It involves a sack boy, puzzles, and Monty Python style animation. Hoop likes to watch me play because I wiggle all over the couch with my tongue sticking out and yelling things like, "Get on that pony!"

My Grandparents got me a DS game (are you seeing a trend?) and some fancy lotion. Hoop's Mom and Grandma got me a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble. My friend Sarge got me a $25 gift card to the online ILoveObento! store. My other friend, and coworker, got me a really pretty metal fairy figurine for my desk. Hoop brought me flowers this afternoon and took me out to lunch. Tomorrow we're playing hooky and driving out to a local spring to see some manatees!

So yeah, 26 has been pretty wonderful so far...

Daily Hoop Conversation:
Tink: I don't understand why people own pets that only like them.
Hoop: Because they can't find a home for an animal that doesn't like anyone.
Tink: True. At least our dogs are friendly.
Hoop: Duff's friendly, he's just scared of everything.
Tink: hairdryers.
Hoop: ...and trees.
Tink: ...and chairs.
Hoop: ...and Ewoks.
Tink: Yes, let's not forget the Ewoks.

Have a fun and safe weekend Homebloys!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something Like That

Work is always trying to suppress my primal urges. It's really a drag. We used to go outside and scream, back before Natalie Portman in "Garden State" made screaming cool. One of us would have a really shitty day and we'd just grab one of our coworkers and go scream outside. It was therapeutic. Apparently, work didn't think so. They thought it was scary. So, we don't scream outside anymore.

We used to have handheld computers that reminded me of old school Gameboys, but bigger, heavier and uglier. The day our company decided to upgrade was monumental. My coworkers and I wanted to celebrate "
Office Space" style, with a ball bat. We even tried to grease the wheels by turning it into a fundraiser, $5 for three whacks. But the company refused, and there the handhelds have sat.

I'm trying to find a point for telling you this, some great metaphor about life (blah blah blah). But I don't have one. Sometimes, I just feel like being pointless. Tomorrow I'll be 26. I always thought I'd be a lot smarter at this age. But so far that's the only disappointment. I'm neither rich nor poor, defeated or bored. I have a husband who entertains me at 7am by pretending to be RoboCop.

Life can be good if you let it. Maybe not in a barrels-of-money kind of way. But definitely an extra-marshmallows-in-your-Lucky-Charms kind of way. I turn on the news each morning and I see a lot of people giving up. They forget what they have. You always have something. If it's not a job, it's family. If it's not family, it's your health. If it's not health, it's hope. If you don't have hope, then you're not looking hard enough.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekly Words Challenge 69!

The "words" for this week were Circle and Town Tourist.

How did you interpret them?


Town Tourist
(From the archives)

(Other Random Photos)

A Tree Eating a Candy Cane?

Ginger, the Miracle Puppy

She's the one that ingested rat poison two years ago Christmas.


Bento for Hoop 1-22

Clementines, kiwi, cookies and crackers, brown rice and burger with peppers.

Bento for Hoop 1-26

Strawberries, kiwi, brown rice and chicken with lentils and tomatoes.

Bento for Tink 1-26

Bento for Hoop 1-27

Strawberries, tangelo, and homemade pizza.

If you haven't joined the fun yet, go
here for details. We also have a Flickr group for easy shareability. Not only do you get to add "Lowly Foon" to your resume, but you get to find out the new words at least an hour earlier. Happy snapping!

The words for next week are:

Daily Etsy Pick:
Personalized Mug Shot Signature Stamp
Mini Luck Dragon (From "The Neverending Story"!)

WTF Etsy?:
Tree Ghosts
Smoking Toilet
Chunky 'N' Cozy, Cowl
Ronald McDonald as a Pirate?
Knitaliscious Thong

Somewhere In Between:
Monster Cupcake

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Friday, January 23, 2009


I don't know exactly how it started. Maybe it was just one of those random things, like a purchase suggestion from Amazon. "We see you like to buy books on Mythology. Maybe you would like to purchase this 'Invisible Pink Unicorn Lapel Pin' too?" My interest quickly escalated from admiring Bento photos on Flickr, to actually aspiring to make some of my own. I don't mean the fancy Bentos either (kyaraben), which are elaborately designed to look like people and scenery. I just wanted to make healthy, pretty lunches. Something other than the same boring soup I was eating every day.

Bento (ben-toh; Japn. ben-taw)
–noun, plural. a meal, usually served in a lacquered or elaborately decorated box that is divided into sections for holding individual portions of food. Also called Obento.

Tink's Holy Grail of Bento/Lunch Box Sites:
Vegan Lunch Box- Jennifer also has a book out. Although neither Hoop nor I are vegetarians, I found the suggestions and recipes on her site (and in her book) very resourceful.
Adventures In Bento Making- Not only does Pikko have beautiful pictures and posts that make even a noob like me feel like I can do something cool with food, she hosts contests every 100 posts for free Bento items!
Anna The Red's Bento Factory- Scary-good kyaraben that almost looks too cool to eat.
Just Bento- Mouth watering recipes and free downloadable spreadsheets for easy lunch planning. Check out the "Bento Basics" section for how-to-start tips.
My Bento Diet- Healthy recipes for American bento meals.
Lunch In A Box- Although not updated very often, this site has proven to be a wealth of information. It has guides on everything from how to clean lunch gear, to what size bento box you should buy.

Where To Buy Bento Supplies:
Ichiban Kan- Super cheap Japanese supplies.
Sugar Charms- This is where I purchased the Bento box featured on Wednesday's post. But be warned, traditional Bento boxes are shockingly small. Remember, the Japanese eat mostly rice, meat and vegetables. Trying to fit traditional American food, like a sandwich, in one of these boxes will NOT work.
JBOX- The authority on Asian goods. Check daily for updates.
I Love Obento!- Pricey, but home to some hard-to-find items.

Don't forget to check any local Asian markets you might have before paying to ship something from one of these sites. I've heard that Ebay has some good shops too. I would also like to mention that expensive import boxes are not required to make Bento. Hoop and I found divided Tupperware at Target for $6! Rubber cupcake holders, found at any kitchen supply store, make good dividers as well. If you think creatively enough, supplies can be found all around you.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pictures for WWC 68!


My First Bento Box!

(Click for larger view)

Bento 01/19/09


I'm not being overly simple. That's actually his name.

Unusual Perspective

If you can't read the graffiti, it says "Will the last person out of the tunnel please turn off the light."

(Other photos)

Christmas Bulbs

Purple Berries

2009 WWC Words

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekly Words Challenge 68!

The "words" for this week were B and Unusual Perspective.

How did you interpret them?

Due to a routine-hair-appointment-turned-three-hour-nightmare last night, my pictures will be posted tomorrow. But don't let that stop YOU. Show us your goodies! No, not those goodies. In other news, a couple of bloggers have mentioned PETA's new (and stupid) idea to start calling fish "
sea kittens". The theory is that people will stop eating fish if they associate them with something cute, like a cat. After hearing this, my coworker wisely stated, "Won't that increase fish consumption in China?" Touche.

Next they'll petition for the rights of broccoli and have nothing left to eat.

If you haven't joined the fun yet, go
here for details. We also have a Flickr group for easy shareability. Not only do you get to add "Lowly Foon" to your resume, but you get to find out the new words at least an hour earlier. Happy snapping!

The words for next week are:
Town Tourist (Be a tourist in your own town!)

Daily Etsy Pick:
Barack Obama Inauguration Canvas Poster
Boo-berry Monster Mini Camera/Ipod/Phone Holder
Tattoo Knuckle Gloves

WTF Etsy?:
Barack Obama Body Lotion
De'cat'pitated Mouse Head Cat Toy
Bad Ass Bride
Set of Four Merbot Prints

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Monday, January 19, 2009

3rd Annual Golden Spork Awards!

Who needs the Golden Globes when there are shiny sporks to be had?

Feel free to do a little victory dance on your way up to the podium. You deserve it! Most of you could have fit into multiple categories. But I stuck with one each just to be fair... and to avoid unnecessary ego inflation. Haven't I already told you how wonderful you are? I don't want to have to use your award on you. Exploding heads are awfully messy business.

"Funniest" Spork Award
(These people make me want to pee my pants.)

"Endearing" Spork Award
(Some of the sweetest and most kind hearted people I've ever met.)
Mrs. Pao
J (of Swede Hollow)

"Savory" Spork Award
(Best all around. I can't go a day without checking these blogs.)
Janet (of Planet of Janet)

"Crafty/Creative" Spork Award
(They have more talent in their pinkie toe than my whole office combined.)
Knotty Mouse

"Inspiring" Spork Award
(Amazing photographers with an eye for everyday art.)
Yellow Rose
Janet (of Fond of Snape)

"Articulate" Spork Award
(Some of the most impressive writers in the blogosphere.)
Apathy Lounge
Woman In A Window

"Delightfully Snarky" Spork Award
(Wit and sarcasm at it's finest!)

"Fascinating" Spork Award
(Bloggers that make me think.)
Fortune Cookies

"Blog-God" Spork Award
(The celebrities of the blogosphere.)
Rude Cactus
Chris (and Chaos and Mayhem)

"Clever" Spork Award
(The people that give me pause.)

"Bold and Beautiful" Spork Award
(These people are more interesting than Spanish soaps.)

"Down Home" Spork Award
(These bloggers could make anyone feel at home.)
Cat Herder

"Social Butterfly" Spork Award
(They could make friends at a funeral.)
Jen (Texaconsindiva)

"Great New Find" Spork Award
(Welcome to my madness!)
Persnickety Ticker
J (of I'm a Troublemaker)
Betty O Rocker

"Best Looking Blog" Spork Award
(They're too sexy for this blog.)
Kelly (of Wonderment)
Aunt Jackie

"Favorite Commenter" Spork Award
(To those who diligently comment, even if their blog is dead or nonexistent. With this award I also give them squatting rights. Mi blog es su blog, friends. Just don't touch my beer, ya hear?)

Sarge (Alex)

Please leave your acceptance speech in the comment section.
Awards can be picked up in the post below.


Award Pickup

You have a choice between a trophy or a button. Grab what you like! The special edition two and three year awards are only for those bloggers who received a spork award last year and/or the year before. Please be respectful and only take the award you deserve.

2008 Trophy

2008 "2 Year Champ" Trophy

2008 "3 Year Champ" Trophy

2008 Specialty Pirate Button

2006 + 2008 Specialty Pirate Button

2007 + 2008 Specialty Pirate Button

2006 - 2008 Specialty Pirate Button

2008 Button

2006 + 2008 Button

2007 + 2008 Button

2006 - 2008 Button

Larger sizes of these buttons are available on my
Flickr page.

Also of note:
Newt is having another walk-a-thon! Check out
Paws Of Promise. Anyone who donates to his/her local shelter or the SPCA gets this nifty Spork Award, not to mention the warm fuzzies and the admiration of animal lovers everywhere!

ASPCA Button


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Second Chances

40 people commented on Monday's delurking post! Ok, so most of you were already known stalkers. But there were a couple of surprise guests in there. As a bonus, everyone who participated that day will be getting a super awesome Golden Spork Award next Monday. For those who missed the deadline... Tough luck. Ok, that's not true. Otherwise this post wouldn't be titled "Second Chances", right? Being the charitable person that I am, especially since these suckers aren't REAL, I have decided to give everyone who didn't comment in time a second chance.

I know, I rock.

So, here it is folks. You have until tomorrow, Friday, at 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) to claim your 3rd annual Pickled Beef Golden Spork Award. For those who feel that this negates the specialty of their award from Monday, don't worry, these are 10k gold. Yours are 14. No one will be able to tell the difference, but you'll know. So hurry up and comment already! What are you waiting for?! Please note that Pickled Beef and staff are not liable for any blindness caused by staring too long or too close to said shiny award. Nor are we responsible for the monthly spit-shines. Thank you.

*As it is now after 5, comments have been closed. Have a wonderful weekend! I'll see you at the award ceremony on Monday.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekly Worlds Challenge 67!

The challenge for this week was to post your favorite photos of '08.

According to Flickr, these were my six most interesting pictures...

Chip Break

The Other Woman

(Click for larger view)

Candy Seeds

Snail Shell

(Click for larger view)


Bad Day

If you haven't joined the fun yet, go
here for details. We also have a Flickr group for easy shareability. Not only do you get to add "Lowly Foon" to your resume, but you get to find out the new words at least an hour earlier. Happy snapping!

Thanks to everyone who
submitted their ideas for this year's WWC. I have decided to accept ALL of the suggestions. This morning I cut out tabs with 110 various words, letters, numbers and themes written on them. They have been placed in a bag and will be drawn at random each Tuesday. The only rule I have is that we will never do more than one letter or a letter-number combination in a week. If that happens, both tabs will be placed back in the bag and redrawn.

The words for next week are:
Unusual Perspective

Daily Etsy Pick:
Seahorse Camera Strap
Tweet Needle Felted Bluebird
Bento Box with Sushi Soap (I freakin' LOVE Bento Boxes!)

WTF Etsy?:
Golf Guy
Smoke and Mirrors I (So creepy)
"A Jewish Gentleman" Pillow
Dino Hand T

You Heart Etsy:
Super Devil (Submitted by Niki!)

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